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KFC Double Down Is Back For A Limited Time


Remember the incredibly oily but satisfying sandwich from KFC? The one that uses chicken meat instead of buns, with cheese, an egg, and bacon in between? Yes, it’s back! KFC has brought back the famous Double Down and you can order it online or via the KFC phone app.

Like usual, the KFC Double Down is not going to last on the menu and will only be available for a limited time. If you’re craving for that all-meat goodness, best get one as soon as you can.

And if you’re wondering, no, it doesn’t come with a serving of gravy when you order it.

KFC Double Down
May God have mercy on my arteries.

How Much Is KFC’s Double Down?

I checked using the phone app and found that you can order it in 4 versions: ala carte, fully loaded, combo meal, or as a group meal. Costs may vary depending on where you are but here’s what I got via the app:

  • KFC Double Down Ala Carte – PhP 189.00
  • Fully Loaded Meal – PhP 289.00 (w/ 1 pc. Chicken meal & drink)
  • Combo Meal – PhP 244.00 (w/ fries and drink)
  • Group Meal – PhP 680 (3 Double Downs, 3 drinks, 1 mini-bucket of fries)

Zinger Or Spicy Version?

Yes, there’s also a spicy version of the Double Down. Instead of the regular chicken, it uses Zinger ones for that extra bite. The Zinger Double Down has the same price as the original one.

Where Can You Order The KFC Double Down?

KFC Double Down website order

Official Website & App

Since we’re still in a lockdown (as of the writing of this article), you can conveniently get the Double Down using the online store or via the mobile app (iOS or Android). Delivery time varies depending on your location and some stores may shut its doors earlier than the usual 9~10pm so try to order it earlier than usual if you’re planning on getting it for dinner.

KFC Double Down On Food Panda Or GrabFood?

The Double Down is also available on GrabFood and on Food Panda. With a quick glance, we can see that some of the KFC food items are more expensive than ordering them from the official app. It may be more convenient but if you’re looking to save a few pesos, I highly suggest ordering via the app or online site instead. Also, consider the delivery charge of each platform when ordering.

If you’re wondering, you can pay with Credit/Debit Card, PayMaya or with WeChat using the app. Unfortunately, no support for GCash yet.

Price Differences

Prices are in Philippine Pesos. Percentage beside the unit number is the percent increase or decrease when compared to the official store’s price.

Official Store Grab Food Food Panda
Double Down (Ala Carte) 189 189 (0%) 189 (0%)
Fully Loaded Double Down
289 304 (+5.2%) 304 (+5.2%)
Combo Meal 244 259 (+6.1%) 259 (+6.1%)
Group Meal 680 725 (+6.6%) 725 (+6.6%)





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