Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Review: Great Value Smartwatch

Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Review Cover

Smart Watches are definitely becoming more affordable nowadays. Gone are its glamour and mystery, and you can see better and more wearable versions without price tags that can go up to the moon. One such smartwatch is the Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch. Having a robust number of features, Koala’s NeoFlex may be a good contender for a smartwatch that is affordable while offering a lot of value. But does it really? Let’s check out in this review.

Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Review – Specifications

1.69-inch HD Full Touch Screen
Display Resolution 240×280 pixels
Supported Systems
Android 5.0 and above
iOS 10 and later
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Processor BK32886
Battery 220 mAh
Working Time
Up to 5 days regular use
Watch Weight About 27 grams
Charging Time About 2 hours
Strap Witdh
20mm Replaceable Strap
Package Contents
1 NeoFlex Smartwatch, 1 Koality Assurance Card, 1 User Manual, 1 USB Charging Dock

Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Review – At A Glance


Looks Like An Apple Watch

One thing you’ll notice with the Koala NeoFlex is that it looks like an Apple Watch. I’ve had a lot of my friends comment that while wearing this around. Although there are differences in sizes, button location, and wrist band, it is undeniably easy to mistake it as such.

Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Review – Notable Features

Can Take Calls

Once you set up the Koala NeoFlex, you can get easy access to a variety of features that you can use to maximize the smartwatch. Part of this is that you can take calls with the watch without having to fumble with your smartphone. Calls that come in can be answered and responded to using just the watch itself.

Read Texts Or FB Messages

Read Texts or FB messages

Aside from calls, you can read texts or messages from Facebook using the watch. The watch can display this in real-time as soon as the message comes in through your phone. However, replying is not possible with the Koala NeoFlex and you can only do so by interacting with the tethered device.

The Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Camera Control

No need for Bluetooth devices to snap shots here as you can use the Koala NeoFlex to do the same task. You can find a good position to take shots with your phone during trips and then just leave it at a good position then take a shot using only the watch. Very convenient and no need to bring other gadgetry.

For Sports

Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Review Running

Aside from fancy features, the Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch can also double as a workout buddy. It has built-in sensors for Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Oxygen. The watch is light enough not to be bothersome during workouts with its 27g weight.

As with all smartwatches, take the sensors and readings with a grain of salt. Although they are not precise, they can be close approximations of the real thing. The readings should not be taken as medically accurate and it would be wise to double check with conventional tools and devices.

Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Review – User Experience

Easy On The Wrist

Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Review Wrist

Wearing the Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch is not a chore and it’s not uncomfortable even when worn for the whole day. Although the wristband is of rubber material, it’s neither too rigid nor too soft.

It Works!

Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Review Menu

To interface with your phone, the Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch makes use of an app called “JYouPro”. Although not neat, it functions well enough and I’ve encountered no bugs at all while interacting with the app and the smartwatch. Unfortunately, the app itself lacks a detailed tutorial and you have to tinker with it in order to maximize it.

App Needs A Lot Of Work

Although the JYouPro app works as intended, there is still much to improve. Again, the lack of a tutorial or manual for the inner workings of the app may leave you confused during your first few attempts to navigate it. For example, loading new watch face takes time and you have to tinker with the phone a bit to properly apply it.

Lack Of New Apps

As the Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch is neither of WearOS or iOS, you’ll find it hard to find new apps for it. Not that it’s a deal breaker as you mostly have what you need and expect of a smartwatch here, but it is something to consider.

Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Review – Conclusion & Verdict

Looks Premium

Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Feels Premium

As mentioned before, the Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch does not look like a cheap device. It still looks elegant and can be a bit of a flex due to its premium look. It certainly does not look out of place whether be it in a formal setting or sports. The device definitely gets plus points for this.

Has A Lot Of Features

Having gone through a number of smartwatches with varying price ranges, the Koala NeoFlex sure does have a lot to offer. We’re currently at a point wherein smartwatches are going mainstream and the Koala NeoFlex shows that you can get premium stuff without having to pay for it with an arm, a limb, and a kidney.

Hardy Display

Note some light scratches on the curve of the display.

While it has a lot going for it, my only qualm, aside from the app needing a bit of work, is that the display itself can be easily scratched. Using this for only a couple of days, the watch has taken quite a couple of scratches near the edge, specifically the curve of its display. Thankfully, the main display itself has proven to be quite resilient and can withstand the toils of everyday wear and tear. No scratches, tears, or any damage to the main screen even with two weeks of daily usage.

Most Of All, The Price!

All of the advantages of the Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch can be had for the mere price of PhP 2,890. This is the base price and can even be discounted depending on bargains or sales promoted by online stores. This is definitely a good deal and you get a lot of features without having to pay premium. Coming from experience, I purchased a high-end smartwatch two years ago and I can say that the Koala NeoFlex has more features than that one for a fraction of the price.

Koala NeoFlex SmartWatch Review Award

If you’re planning on getting a new Smartwatch or wanting to give one as a gift, then consider getting the Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch. It is, without a doubt, a good and safe choice.

Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Review – Availability & Price

You can purchase the Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch using the official store here. For those looking to try it out first, you may visit their physical stores here in the Philippines. You can also shop online via Lazada or Shopee.

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