KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Collaborates With Re:ZERO, Features New In-Game Content


Isekai anime fans can rejoice as the highly anticipated Re:ZERO collaboration update in the free-to-play mobile RPG KonoSuba: Fantastic Days comes to life for a limited time, now through Nov. 23.

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is available on both iOS and Android.


The fantastical worlds of KonoSuba: Fantastic Days and Re:ZERO collide in an all-new otherworldly encounter. The KonoSuba: Fantastic Days X Re:ZERO collaboration event treats Konofans to the quirky characters and storylines from both worlds, including:

  • God’s Blessing on Those from Re:ZERO!: Fans will be delighted to see characters from KonoSuba and Re:ZERO interact with each other in this exclusive story. Players who complete the story event will receive a four-star Emilia recruit to use in-game.
  • Re:ZERO Collaboration Recruit: In this recruit event, players have the chance to recruit Megumin and Aqua in new Re:ZERO inspired costumes plus Rem from Re:ZERO.
  • Battle Arena EX Boss Petelgeuse: Players will face off against Re:ZERO’s Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, Petelgeuse, in this all-new game mode.

In addition to the Re:ZERO special collaboration events, updates for KonoSuba: Fantastic Days are also available:

Konosuba Fantastic Days

  • Main Story – Chapter 10: Players will be able to enjoy the next part of the main KonoSuba: Fantastic Days story with the addition of this chapter.
  • Trial of the Ancients: This game mode allows players to further train their team members.
  • Battle Arena EX: This new Battle Arena will offer players exclusive and high value rewards.

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is published by Nexon in partnership with KonoSuba publisher Kadokawa, and developed by Sumzap.