Leagues of Votann Army Box – Price & How To Pre-Order


After months of teasing, Games Workshop has finally unveiled and opened the floodgates. The Leagues of Votann box set is now available for pre-order and you can do so on the official website. Aside from the price, GW has also unveiled the contents of the Leagues of Votann army set.

Leagues Of Votann Army Set – Price

The Leagues of Votann Army Set is priced at US$200 for the US and international markets. For the UK, players can buy it with £120.


Check Local Stores For Discounts

Note that you can get these boxes cheaper if you buy them from your local hobby shops. Check out shops both online and offline before you make a purchase on the GW website as you can save a bit if you know where to find good deals.

Leagues Of Votann Army Set – Box Contents

Miniatures – 25 Total


  • 1x Ûthar the Destined (can be built as a Kâhl)

Fast Attack



  • 1x Einhyr Champion

Other Stuff Inside The Box

  • Limited-Edition Leagues of Votann Codex
  • Datacards
  • Tokens
  • 2x Transfer Sheets

How To Pre-Order Leagues Of Votann Box

Order Using The Official Store

Pre-orders can be done on the Games Workshop website via the official online store. However, as of the writing of this article, pre-ordering via the official store has been stopped and players can no longer buy the box set.

Check Your LGFS

If you still wish to get one, you can check your local stores as there may be stocks available once they hit the shelves. Also, you can also ask if they can still get stocks for you.

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