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Look: Rico’s Lechon BGC is now open!


I always remember going to Cebu and having a mandatory itinerary for Lechon, one of the best options for it is Rico’s Lechon. With it’s gaining popularity among Filipinos, the brand just recently landed in Manila for more customers to experience Cebu’s best lechon.

We had a taste for ourselves during the initial opening as we were not disappointed. Despite the downpour of people, serving time was reasonably good and our choices of monggos, chicken inasal, and lechon was downright nice.

Their Fried Rice – Solo was even so cute to ignore with its own special kaldero. Everything you see in Rico’s Cebu is also seen in BGC, we miss the simple aesthetics and the branded plates as well.

Their service plate of the lechon is shapped like a pig, which adds cuteness and messaging of the restaurant.

For a meal for two, the ones we picked we just right. We liked especially the spicy lechon, it’s not that spicy for my taste which is good as it’s not annoyingly spicy. We wish the lechon skin could be crunchier, but the meat was flavorful enough. We spent around Php1,100 including drinks for our meal, it’s not bad for an experience going back for authentic Cebu Food.

Overall price is reasonable and there are options for small portion serving of the lechon, making it even possible for solo eating if you want.

Prices of Rico’s Lechon BGC are as follows

  • Chopped original lechon, P900 per kilo
  • Chopped spicy lechon, P950 per kilo
  • Fried Rice Trio, P90 for solo orders; P260 for platter
  • Chopsuey, P280
  • Lechon humba, P360
  • Adobong Kangkong, P180
  • Sizzling squid, P320
  • Bam-I, P280
  • Garlicky squid balls, P195
  • Chicharon bulaklak, P180
  • Eggplant salad, P140
  • Chicken inasal, P220
  • Seafood kare-kare. P395
  • Sizzling lechon sisig, P320
  • Sizzling tanigue, P380
  • Gising-gising, P280
  • Dinuguan, P220
  • Sinigang na baboy at baka, P390
  • Oreo mango float, P180
  • Tapioca pandan, P100

You can visit the Rico’s Lechon at the Fort Strip Entertainment Complex BGC Taguig. It’s near Net Park and Highstreet.




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