Mahjong Soul To Host 2022 Grand Chariot Cup Tournament

Mahjong Soul Grand Chariot Cup 2022 Cover

The anime-themed Japanese riichi mahjong game, Mahjong Soul, is hosting the 2022 Grand Chariot Cup. This is the first and ever, official world-class tournament, featuring top players of “Catfood Bowl Tournament” around the world, and Pro Jyanshis, separated into 4 teams to compete for the title of the strongest team!

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Mahjong Soul Grand Chariot Cup 2022 Details

The exhilarating tournament consists of 4 teams in total. Three of these teams will respectively represent their own servers with top players of “Catfood Bowl Tournament”. The 1 additional Pro Jyanshi team is coming in hot, bringing the intensity to the next level. It’s not only a battle of the best players among the world’s three servers, but also a rivalry of top Mahjong Soul players against the professionals. The winning team will get a one-year limited title and trophy.


Please come and check out the Mahjong Soul Official YouTube Livestream on 2022/5/14 at 3:00 A.M. (UTC-7). Mysterious rewards will be given away during the livestream. Let’s witness this epic moment together!

Livestream of the 2022 Grand Chariot Cup:

Mahjong Soul Grand Chariot Cup 2022 Rules

The starting points for each team are 30,000, and the minimum points to win are 35,000. Each player plays one Hanchan Match and the team with the highest final total points wins. 3 Red Fives and no busting. Whoever is in first place in the last round, if the dealer either tenpai or wins will not end the game. If a tie occurs at the end of the match, the one who earned this score last gets the higher placement.

For participants’ information and other details, please check out the official website of the 2022 Grand Chariot Cup: