Make everyone say “WOW” with a 36″ Pizza from Big Guy’s Pizza

It’s hard to make everyone say “wow” these days, seems everything is already seen and they just like everything on Facebook. But until now, one good way to make a mark is to make your effort big. That’s why in my regularization, I just did that with not just one 36″ Pizza but two pizzas to treat my office mates and celebrate.

Imagine one 36″ Pizza with more than 4 kinds of flavors like Cheese, Cheese & Garlic, Ham, Ham & Cheese, Hawaiian, and Pepperoni.  All of those flavors ready for share among a group, in my case I was able to treat my officemates of more than 40 with two 36″ pizza.


Yup, it’s definitely big. I barely had the chance to take a proper photo since the table of our pantry was occupied as well. It was an awesome experience to see everyone say “wow” when they saw the two set of pizzas.

What’s good about a pizza this big is not only it has a lot of flavors, but its perfect for sharing. Everyone will definitely try 2-3 flavors, making it more unique to the taste and it does taste good.

Even the celebrity big guy Eruption tried consuming the whole 36″ Big Guy’s Pizza, if he consumes all in 1 hour then it’s free! Think you can do it as well? If you succeed, then you’ll win a whole year supply of Big Guy’s Pizza!

Speaking of celebration, this is perfect for everyone whether work, friends or even family. That’s is why Big Guy’s Pizza offers a 10% discount if you order one on your birthday! This is only applicable with the 36″ Big Guy’s Specialty which is 12 flavors like Cheese, Cheese & Garlic, Ham, Ham & Cheese, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, All Meat, All Veggies, All Pork, Supreme, Italian Supreme & Super Supreme.

This promo is applicable for the whole year of 2018, so better get that calendar and schedule it for your own 36″ Pizza treat! So that’s Php1,548 down to Php1,394! Great to treat friends with more than 5!

But Big Guy’s Pizza not only has the 36″ Pizza but also other offerings like regular pizza to promos as well. So better check out their whole menu here, or visit their Facebook page for more news about Big Guy’s Pizza.