MMORPG “ArcheWorld” To Start Land NFT Mint On May 23

ArcheWorld Land NFT Event Cover

XLGAMES’ blockchain-based MMORPG, ArcheWorld, has started sign up, wallet link and pre-registration event from May 12th, Thursday. Following this, NFT minting for land in the gaming world starts on the 23rd, Monday. ArcheWorld is a blockchain version of XLGAMES’ flagship title ArcheAge, with target launch scheduled for this summer.

ArcheWorld & NFTs

ArcheWorld Land NFT Event

‘ArcheWorld’ aims to realize the metaverse that returns the ownership of major in-game items, assets and characters, whose legal ownership was not acknowledged previously, to the users and enables possession and trading of various items including land and housing, which are the main features of ArcheAge. This includes pets, vehicles, and gears by minting them into NFT.


Previous events have been operated smoothly. ArcheWorld successfully finished Fandom Card NFT minting at the end of March and subsequently released the 1st version of the Whitepaper in April. ArcheWorld’s Whitepaper includes a detailed explanation about ArcheWorld and its vision, tokenomics, in-game coin called Blue Salt(BSLT) and NFTs.

ArcheWorld Land NFT Mining Details


As the NFT minting regarding in-game Land is of great significance, users are showing great interest in this upcoming event. It is possible for users to plant various kinds of seeds to cultivate crops and trees, and users can also raise livestock such as chickens, ducks, and cows in the in-game Land. Besides, as users can build houses on the Land and collect or pay tax. The land plays the main role in the economic activity in the game and at the same time  is an important factor that delivers the sense of reality from the metaverse to the users.

ArcheWorld Land NFT Minting Event Rewards

ArcheWorld Pre-Registration

The participants of the land NFT minting event, starting on May 23rd(Mon), will be able to permanently possess the designated land in the ArcheWorld’s seamless open-world and they can construct buildings on it. They can also participate in the various kinds of production and even collect Blue Salt(BSLT) from the tenants as a monthly fee. In addition, users will be given 1,000 Archeum when participating in the pre-registration event by signing up and linking their wallet before the official launch of ArcheWorld.

ArcheWorld Pre-Registration & Sign Up

More information on ArcheWorld’s pre-registration events and land NFTs can be found on the Arche World official website (