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Modern Warfare 2 Dark Water Campaign Mission Walkthrough & Guide


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In Modern Warfare 2 (CODMW2 2022), the twelfth mission that players get to experience is called “Dark Water”. Get to know how to navigate this mission, walkthrough, and useful tips using this guide.

Modern Warfare 2 Dark Water Mission Walkthrough

  1. Move forward and enter the nearby room. Beware of ambushes as enemies are hiding in rooms and corners. After eliminating the enemies inside, go up together with the team. You can also get the porta potty achievement during this time.
  2. Follow the team inside the rooms and exit to the open deck. Use your rifle to take down targets from afar and watch out for enemies peaking out from windows. After clearing the deck, head up to the roof while eliminating the enemies in the corridors.
  3. Interact with the blue container and join Graves near the edge. Rappel down to the boat and wait until you reach the ship.
  4. Advance while dodging the containers. Take care not to get squeezed in between them and the walls of the ship. You can also climb onto the containers but you risk being exposed to enemy fire. Watch out for pockets of enemies hiding behind the containers.
  5. Clear the remaining enemies and wait for Graves and Ghost. Breach the front door of the ship structure and go up with your two teammates while shooting down enemies that you encounter.
  6. Clear the bridge and interact with the missile controls. Follow Graves’ three instructions and you are good to go.

Mission Reward

Completing Dark Water rewards you with a “Double Weapon XP Token” that you can use in both co-op and multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 2 Dark Water Tips & Guides

Standard COD Level

Standard CODMW level

Remember the oil rig levels from old CODs? Dark Water is just like that. You start from the bottom deck and fight your way through to the upper deck. This mission also mixes in “Crew Expendable” from COD4: Modern Warfare. The second part of the mission requires you to clear a container ship with very lax regulations.

Dodge The Containers

Moving Containers

When you reach the container, you’ll probably notice that not everything is tied down like normal. Containers move sideways and getting stuck in between is an automatic game over. Be careful as you advance and fight the enemies here. Alternatively, you can climb up the containers and use them to traverse. However, this leaves you vulnerable to enemy fire and may be detrimental especially on higher difficulties. There are also rooms located on both sides of the deck where you can wait to reload and regroup.

Follow Graves To Down The Missile

Follow graves instructions

The last part of the mission requires you to tinker with the controls of the launched missile. Follow Graves’ instructions to a T and select the right choices. Don’t worry about making a mistake as you are given a chance to redo things.

For the previous mission guide, read the El Sin Nombre walkthrough. If you need the next mission guide, read the Alone walkthrough.

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For the list of all campaign missions in Modern Warfare 2, read this handy list.

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