Netizens urge Grab Food to remove Cancellation due to increasing Grab Food drivers cancelled


Grab Food, an increasingly popular app for food purchase delivery in on fire recently due to misbehavior of customers canceling on their orders. Whatever the reason may be for the cancellation, an increasing number of social media posts on Facebook

This post today of Jay Mark Pascual Bercasio just showed one Grab Food driver in problem due to his order was canceled. The grab driver added that the canceled food purchase was supposed to be for diaper and vitamins of his baby.  The post is now growing viral with more than 1.1k shares in just one hour. The post also clamors for the removal of the cancellation button as its simply unethical to cancel on the driver and let the driver pay for the food.


On this post on the same day by Jann Ashley Gabad, the photo shows 3 Grab Food drivers and one man in civilian eating over a food order was canceled. Highlighted in the post is that all who ate chip-in their own money to bring back some profit. Again, the post also clamors on the removal of the cancelation button for the well being of Grab Food drivers being canceled on.

This year, the posts regarding canceled Grab Food orders are increasing at an alarming rate. Majority of netizens calls out to fix the app’s interface and give sympathy to the drivers. Unfortunately, unlike other developed countries that the payment is wireless, the system in the Philippines is still majority cash that opens the drivers to carry money and be exposed to risks like this.