Neutral Grounds Sale
Neutral Grounds Sale

September is again on the calendar and with it is Neutral Grounds’ annual sale of tabletop and card games. The local gaming store offers 23% off to items purchased between September 2 to 23. However, there’s a catch: only the second item gets the discount. With this sale, you can get supplementary items such as sleeves, manuals/codices, or even expansion packs for games at a cheaper cost.

Neutral Grounds Sale / Discount Mechanics

Neutral Grounds Anniversary SaleAs per their Facebook post, the following must be satisfied in order to get the 23% discount:

  • Promo runs between September 2 to 23 and is available in all Neutral Grounds branches.
  • Buy more than one item for the discount. Buy the first item for its base price and get the second item for 23% off its original price. The second item is the lower-priced between the 2. Example: you buy 2 items, 1 at P5,000 and 1 at P3,000. Only the P3,000 item will get a 23% price cut.
  • You can purchase in batches of 2. Say you want 4 items, you can split them into 2 purchases to get 23% off on 2 of the items.
  • You have to purchase the items in the store. Discounts are not applicable on online purchases.
  • Discount is not applicable for events, bundles, pre-orders, and already discounted items.

Since you need to be at the store to avail this promo, do check first with your nearest branch the quarantine may have affected their usual schedule.


You can also check out their online store for items that you can purchase. Note that the availability varies per branch.

Other 2021 Neutral Grounds Promos & Events

Neutral Grounds Mystery Deals

Aside from the anniversary sale, Neutral Grounds also has a sale/promo that varies per branch. Items involved can range from models from a specific manufacturer, paints, or games. The items on sale rotate every Monday so expect to see different ones every week.

You can check out each Neutral Grounds branch’s promos via their Facebook Groups pages here.