Eversoul Flute Girl Jiho Cover
Eversoul Flute Girl Jiho Cover

Eversoul’, a brand new collectible mobile RPG — developed by Nine Ark Inc., licensed by Kakao Games, and operated by Glohow — has announced that on Jan. 19th (Thur), two weeks after launch, the first update will go online with the brand new Soul, Jiho; the Soul of the artifact Man-pa-shik-jeok!

Download ‘Eversoul’ for free on both mobile platforms (Android & iOS). For the Saviors that are standing by and have yet to board the Ark, please go ahead and download it now! (Download Now: http://bit.ly/3i9mDnP)

Eversoul First Update Details

Eversoul Happy Lunar New Year 2023


Before that, believe all Saviors once met the “Flute girl” Jiho through the Love Story with the Soul Soonie. And starting today, the Saviors can raise and develop bonds with Jiho. Let’s create memories and bond with her! The official has selected Jiho as the representation and wishes the Saviors worldwide an early Happy Lunar New Year!

Through this update, several game features will be made more practical, along with Souls’ release, and system errors will be fixed. For instance, when level sync slots are unlocked or after removing the Soul from it, the cooldown time required is reduced from the original 24 to 4 hours. In addition, to make it easier for Saviors to start or retry the battle, after retreating from a battle, Saviors will be taken to the team settings screen rather than the lobby, and other various improvements and error corrections are also constantly being updated. For details, please refer to the ‘Eversoul’ official Facebook Fan page or website announcement for further information.

Eversoul Jiho – The Soul of Man-pa-shik-jeok

Eversoul Flute Girl Jiho

The new character, Jiho, is the Soul of Man-pa-shik-jeok. Since it is an ancient artifact from South Korean legend, Jiho usually dresses in traditional South Korean attire, and her flute-playing skill is undoubtedly the best in ‘Eversoul’. The humanlike Jiho is a supporter in combat. With various skill sets, she can become the perfect assistant and strongest backup for her allies!

 “The Man-pa-shik-jeok is a legendary bamboo flute gifted by the Sea Dragon. They say that playing it would bring peace to a nation by fending off all enemies and diseases.” For those Saviors currently facing troubles, let’s hop into the world of ‘Eversoul’ and let Jiho, the so-called “Echo of Happiness” play you a song and forget what’s bothering you! For a more detailed introduction to the Souls, please visit the official Facebook Fan page or website for further information.

Eversoul OST “Shooting Star” Now On Youtube

The official also stated that starting from Jan. 14th (Sat), they’ll begin uploading each Souls’ theme song on the official YouTube channel, including the popular Souls Mephistopheles, Ayame, Linzy, and Talia. With different styles and tonalities, each song reflected each of their personalities. And for Talia’s theme song, “Shooting Star”, sung by VA Jang Ye-Na (장예나), the uplifting melody combined with Talia’s sweet voice, not only has a brainwashing effect but also has the ability to cheer you right up! Each theme song has complete lyrics. For the Saviors that enjoy the game, why not head to the official YouTube channel and listen to songs sung by the Souls while playing the game and support your favorite Soul!

New Year Event — Reunion Dinner with Miriam

Eversoul Reunion Dinner with Miriam

To prepare for the upcoming New Year holidays, ‘Eversoul’ has events to keep the Saviors company during the New Year. Besides the basic in-game events, starting from Jan. 17th (Tue.) is the event “Reunion dinner with Miriam”, the Saviors only have to leave a New Year’s wish comment on the event post. When the comments reach a certain amount, all Saviors will be rewarded!


  • Reach 50 Comments; all Saviors will receive 200 Everstones from Miriam!
  • Reach 75 Comments; all Saviors will receive 400 Everstones from Miriam!
  • Reach 100 Comments; all Saviors will receive 600 Everstones from Miriam!

*The final goal is 100 comments. When reached, the total Everstone counts will be 600.

Event Due time

▸ 2023/1/26 23:59 Besides the new Soul release and event announcement written above, for more detailed info, news, and upcoming events, please refer to the official Facebook Fan page and website for further information.

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