Next Call of Duty slated for E3 2016

Good news COD-fans! Activision, creator of the popular FPS game Call of Duty has teased that they will be “showcasing gameplay from Infinity Ward’s ambitious game,” during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

In an article located on the company’s official blog, Activision stated that they will be working closely with Sony to showcase the gameplay footage because the publisher will not be present on the show floor.

 “In June, we’re going to be at E3 showcasing gameplay from Infinity Ward’s ambitious new game. We’re looking forward to sharing exciting new details about the next great Call of Duty game in partnership with our friends at PlayStation. We’re proud to be participating in this premier video game event, but won’t have an Activision booth on the show floor.”

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This news marks the second publisher to confirm it will not be in attendance at E3 2016. Earlier this year, Electronics Arts announced it was forgoing a traditional presence at E3, choosing to hold their own free event for fans in the days before the expo kicks off.