Nightfall: Escape; A Pinoy Folklore-base Game


Rejoice, Pinoy geeks and game enthusiast! As people from Square Enix are developing a survival horror game based on our own folklore. This has already been greenlit by the Steam Community so it is not so far before this game actually unveils.


Nightfall: Escape takes you to a journey with Ara Cruz, an aspiring female journalist who is currently working in a newspaper company. The story starts with Ara’s investigation of an abandoned mansion where people went missing in an obscure town in Northern Philippines. Players will have to solve the mystery revolving on tragic incidents by exploring a large mansion that has popular monsters based on Philippine folklore. The catch here is one false move from you and the game is over.


According to Square Enix, their target platforms for this game are Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), Playstation and Xbox.

Check out these cool monsters from our childhood that we’ll see in the game:


Check out the pre-alpha testing screenshots of the game:





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