No more flat rate parking during weekends and holidays – Various parking companies increased prices as of May 1


While everyone was busy with the 5 day holiday weekend in Metro Manila, several parking companies in BGC, Ortigas and Greenhills have implemented their new parking rates as of May 1, 2017. 

Fetch, an online valet system in BGC just announced that their services will not be affected by the change of prices. 


The new rates now completely removes the flat rate for 4-wheeled vehicles during weekends and holidays. They have also decreased the primary time allocation from 4 hours to 3 hours, so you will be charged more after the succeding hour. 

BGC parking slots implemented a Php50 per hour rate, while various parking slots in Ortigas and Greenhills are Php20 per hour. 

Yesterday, we parked in Greenhills mall for almost 11 hours and payed Php205 for the whole duration. That is where only their new rate announcements were clear as the entrance to their parking didn’t indicate any price adjustment.

This is bad news as even weekends and holidays dedicated for family time to go to malls and special events in BGC or Greenhills are now affected by this new rate. 

For now, we have only seen BGC, Greenhills and Ortigas area implementing this new eate. Malls like SM, Ayala and Robinsons have no price adjustment. 

Might as well try Fetch next time you will be in BGC, the new parking rates are seriously outrageous!

Ironically, we don’t even see any improvement in their services to justify the new parking rates. The parking is the same and doesn’t even hold any liability for damages or unfortunate events in their facility. 

Let us know as well where you’ve seen the new parking rates. Perhaps we missed some areas.