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OnePlus 11 with Active CryoFlux watercooling unveiled at MWC 2023


Even though the OnePlus 11 has officially launched globally, the company isn’t done just yet with the device. At MWC 2023 in Barcelona, they showcased the prototype of a OnePlus 11 with Active CryoFlux watercooling, which they claim to reduce its temperature by up to 2.1°c and in turn deliver improved framerate by up to 3 – 4 fps during gameplay.

2.1°c might not sound much but SoC are design to throttle regularly to improve stability of the device. The cooling also helps charging time by up to 45 seconds that makes the OnePlus 11’s charging time even faster given it can charge from 5% to full in only 25 minutes.

Instead of using an external cooler like other gaming smartphones in the market, the OnePlus 11’s Active CryoFlux prototype has all the watercooling components built in to it with nearly no increase in thickness or weight. This was achieved thanks to piezoelectric micropumps that uses voltage to move the liquid instead of using mechanical apparatus.

To separate the prototype from the vanilla version, OnePlus has used a clear rear cover to provide a view of the liquid flowing through the pipelines. The cooling encompasses the back of the smartphone as well as the circular ring on the camera.

The Active Cryoflux cooler is only a prototype at this point and there is no assurance that it will be used on future smartphones. But OnePlus is also showing off something similar that might land in the hands of users – the OnePlus 45 Liquid Cooler. It acts as a more traditional external accessory for a smartphone but it claims to cool down a device by up to 20°c.




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