Peugeot 2008 SUV Review 2
Peugeot 2008 SUV Review 2
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When it comes to brands of vehicles, Peugeot is one of the brands that are well respected and recognized in just one look. But unfortunately, it’s still unknown what exactly the brand provides to most consumers. Recently the brand went through an overhaul in its focus for the country, booming preference for bigger and more capable vehicles like SUVs and Crossovers shifted their attention to offer the market the Peugeot 2008 SUV. 

We’re going to clear out the room as early as now, yes Peugeot is no mass-market vehicle brand as it’s an upper-tier brand that offers a premium price in exchange for a more niche target audience of consumers looking for a more exquisite taste especially looks and features. This Peugeot 2008 costs Php1,668,000 with a 1.2L PureTech Turbo engine.


Additionally, similar to me I also have a preference when looking for a vehicle where I want to own an eye-catchy and unique-looking car when on the road. That’s why I choose to own a limited edition car in my preference. This is similar to picking shoes where you simply don’t want to have a look-a-like or stand out.

Peugeot 2008 Design – Unique on the road

One look at the 2008 will really give you an impression that it’s a scene stealer, even for us as an SUV form-factor. Its flagship color of Fusion Orange and even unorthodox headlight and grill design create a “wow” factor to make anyone look twice on the road.

The front wide chrome grille with a 3D effect and recognizable lion symbol is the hero of the vehicle, its strong stance and finish give the 2008 a respectable yet fun vibe cause of its color. But above it might be a simple hood chin, but it’s technically part of the safety features of the vehicle as sensors are embedded into the front.

Vertical striking LED daytime running lights to resemble a claw of a lion, which I super love.  The curves are both sleek and punchy which doesn’t ruin the shape of the overall vehicle.

At the back is a strong single black strip to compliment the brake and night lights. It has a strong rear stature that commands the attention of everyone.

Peugeot 2008 Performance – It Roars

The 2008 has a 1.2L PureTech Turbo that gives 130Hp and 230Nm of Torque. Enough to punch you from 0 to 100km/h in less than 10 seconds. Given the 6-speed automatic transmission plus its form factor, we love how its speedy and light to steer even both down and uphill.

We didn’t feel too much body roll as anticipated from a performance vehicle, it gives you excitement in driving indeed and makes you feel integrated with the vehicle.

Punching the gas has a weird throttling delay that will give you a feedback surge on the engine after a second or two. To expound further we think the vehicle waits for the turbo to kick in when you literally you rapidly full throttle. This gives a slight disadvantage compared to a sedan like other vehicles we have tried, but still for an SUV for its size its respectably acceptable.

Peugeot 2008 Gas Millage

Driving to Tagaytay on a Friday night allowed us to travel 135 kilometers with an acceptable 11km/L gas mileage. While this might sound short for some, my driving style was swift and non-conservative as we tried to maximize the engine’s power. On other days like going to work and around, a respectable 8km/L is recorded, similar to my Honda Civic 1.8 FC.

To be clear this isn’t a full-performance vehicle review, we suggest you also watch the video from our friends from The Modern Creatures on their review of the 2008 deeper about driving.

Peugeot 2008 Safety – Sensors all around

Safety is all around the 2008, as you can see on this side there is a special glossy black cover on the side grill as a sensor to indicate vehicles. All these are located around the car as mentioned above in the design that the front grill also has one.

Advanced side-mirror indicators of a lane warning and lane departure sensor are also installed to help you avoid those blind spot steering. Even the rearview mirror has an embedded camera to see the front to calculate vehicle & lane distance.

Activating the reverse camera can activate a 360-degree 3D view of your surroundings. It’s very handy as the camera also changes view or perspective if you get near or too far.

Lastly, this also features automatic braking and nighttime auto headlight adjustment to be a respective driver in opposite lanes not to be blinded by its strong headlights.

The cockpit sounds are also strong and digital, we love the premium sound even for the light indicators when turning. Plus subtle but noticeable tones when too near to another vehicle or needed to brake.

Peugeot 2008 –  Comfort

Comfortably seating 5 on a soft leather interior is a great feel. Every side has provisions for cup holders but we suggest just fitting 4 on long trips as there are no vents at the back or even a charger to provide luxury for rear passengers.

The rear seats can fold down but not flat, nevertheless, it’s still big enough to fit most cargo that you would load for today’s generation. I would argue that you can simply book transportify for bigger items from time to time.

Air conditioning is strong despite our unit doesn’t have strong UV tinting. Comfort for rear passengers also doesn’t complain of weak airflow too.

Peugeot 2008 – Fancy Features

Chauffeur-like Automatic Lock

Peace of mind if you locked the car when leaving is the worst feeling of a mini-heart attack right? When walking away from or coming to the 2008 is a delight as the FOB Key acts as an indicator if you are leaving or arriving. Which automatically opens the doors, and headlights, and adjusts the side mirrors.

3D Cockpit Style Dashboard

The dashboard on the 2008 integrates everything into a premium. Using a two-layer projection method (One flat display and one bounced through a mirror method through a periscope (there is a display on top unseen thrown by a mirror). Creating the 3D cockpit dashboard that feels futuristic, solid, and unique for its price.

The shape of the cockpit dashboard also resembles the shape of a steering wheel of a jet fighter. Giving you that more integrated feel of a upscale vehicle.

Seamless Cockpit and LED Strip Light

Day or night a subtle blue LED strip light can be found on the front as accent colors from the side and even center. This greatly improves attention for the driver for better lighting as it acts as a bias lighting in order to have a softer visual, especially at night against harsh headlights.

Aside from this design wide, the combination of premium piano black finish, carbon fiber dash, and side door panels + leather all gives the 2008 a strong and sophisticated look to appreciate.


Peugeot 2008 – Callouts / Watchouts

Of course, no car is perfect including the 2008, objectively here are my preferences where the brand can improve more.

  • Head Unit Startup – Once you start the vehicle, the head unit is in default to play FM radio since the Bluetooth / Car Play feature needs some time to start up. This led me to listen to a local radio station forcefully before it connects to my Apple Carplay or Bluetooth.
  • Audio Quality lacking bass – For a vehicle with a premium price, the bass is lacking on the Peugeot 2008. But audio quality wise its clear and audible, you would just wish to have that more “ommph” in the bass to enjoy the loud volume from the speaker system.
  • No Remote Start Feature – Vehicles around 1.3M offer remote start at a distance already, this is very useful especially when parked under the sun and you want to cool down the vehicle before entering. For me this is one deal breaker based on my preference.
  • No Sunroof – Most vehicles in its price point already have a sunroof, its just weird that for features that are considered luxury an upscale brand doesn’t offer this.

  • No Center Light console – You won’t see any center light console here to assist any passenger at the back when doing activities or looking for something. While I found this weird, you might consider this to adjust eventually.

Peugeot 2008 – Conclusion

If you want a vehicle that can swift through manila and out of town on a weekend the 2008 is a strong contender vehicle for you. This isn’t for value purchasers as again the 2008 is an upper-range vehicle due to its offering price of Php1,668,000.

Nevertheless, if your priorities are features in safety, performance, and design to stand out are your consideration then you will definitely have the 2008 on your top list.