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A Plague Tale Requiem How Many Chapters & How Long To Beat?


In A Plague Tale Requiem, players get to play numerous chapters to progress and experience the story. Now the question is, how many chapters does Plague Tale Requiem have? How long can you beat it? Read this guide to know more.

A Plague Tale Requiem How Many Chapters?

Total Of 17 Chapters

There are a total of 17 chapters in the game. Note that the length of each chapter varies wildly and there are some that are not as long as the first few chapters. Some chapters are also more into the  story of the game and feature little gameplay.

Chapter List

  1. Under a New Sun
  2. Newcomers
  3. A Burden of Blood
  4. Protector’s Duty
  5. In our Wake
  6. Leaving all Behind
  7. Felons
  8. A Sea of Promises
  9. Tales and Revelations
  10. Bloodline
  11. The Cradle of Centuries
  12. The Life We Deserve
  13. Nothing Left
  14. Healing our Wounds
  15. Dying Sun
  16. King Hugo
  17. Legacy of the De Rune Family

Chapter Select Is Available

If you missed a couple of souvenirs and collectibles during your play, you can simply replay that chapter using the main menu.

A Plague Tale Requiem How Long To Beat?

Average Of 15 Hours To Beat

The game takes an average of 15 hours to beat. It took me the same time during my first run with the game with the occasional souvenir hunting and exploration. For completionists, it may well take a few more hours and a replay or two to 100% the game.

Difficulty Affects The Game

The game’s length is also heavily affected by the difficulty that you set beforehand. Narrative difficulty allows you to breeze through the game, concentrating more on how the story is delivered rather than providing challenges. On the other hand, Hard difficulty challenges you with extreme conditions, necessitating more than just cunning in puzzle solving but also in combat and stealth.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is available on PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass. On consoles, you can play it on the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.




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