Here are the most popular YouTube ads from the second half of 2017

Most YouTube ads just get in the way of you watching your content, although we tolerate them most of the time because YouTube has to make money somehow.  Every once in a while, however, an ad will legitimately get your attention regardless of the product or message they are conveying.

YouTube has released the most popular YouTube ads from the second half of 2017. These highlights the popularity and the creativity of local brands in the digital video space. These brands also showed different approaches to inspire and hold the attention of Filipinos:


These brands proposed three different themes on their ads:

  • Popular Tunes and Entertainment – Most Filipinos love what’s popular especially in social media, music, and in entertainment. Six out of the ten ads featured celebrities and influencers in musical performances and dance tutorials.
  • Vlog Formats – Videos that break the 4th wall where the actor are talking to their audience directly is a popular format of video, especially in YouTube. This kind of execution found its way in ads such as When Mom Cooks Favorite Food (We Get Lit!), Fly the Way You Deserve with PAL, and OPPO’s #CaptureTheRealYou with the new OPPO F5.
  • Panoramic Experiences – It seems that with some videos, wide-angle is the way to go. This allows brands to capture more what they’re peddling but the lives of their consumers, too.

Cultural content such as music, travel, and advocacy are also slowly taking over YouTube’s leaderboard. Most brands now approach their ads with meaningful content that engages the audience that leaves the actual product as an afterthought.