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Powerup your lunch with DC Super Heroes Cafe’s – Adventure Meals


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Who says you can’t be like your favorite DC superhero, it’s best to stay around a restaurant that can understand your geekiness and be simply who you are. That’s why DC Super Heroes Cafe introduces their new Choose Your Own Adventure menu that can pair through your favorite superhero or customize the way you want.

To choose just simply pick from the menu choices of Energy for the base, Strength for protein and Power for the sauce. You can choose from a wide variety of base from mashed potato, Aglio Olio, Fussili and more.

What’s interesting is that the set menu has a suggested combinations already. If you choose the Hero’s Path, just choose from Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Flash, Aquaman and even Cyborg.

Each meal costs Php280, great for a fully packed meal which is strong in flavors and fresh ingredients. We tried out Superman and Batman, we liked how the chicken in Batman is spiced just right along with the Aglio Olio pasta, while Superman was nice of a base for the mash potato for being fresh.

If you drop by the cafe, why not pair it up with a superhero themed drink. We got this Superman hot Blue Velvet Toffee Latte! I’m sure you’ll be amazed how every menu is customized to be DC Super Heroes themed.

The Choose Your Own Adventure meals are available from Monday to Friday – 11 am to 3 pm, perfect for afternoon mall tours and even lunch break near SM Megamall. Visit them at 4th Floor of Fashion Hall Mega D in front of Satchmi Cafe.

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