Pre-order the Hyundai Tucson via Lazada and get it for just PhP 934,000


Hyundai is now allowing its customers to pre-order the Tucson on Lazada. Pre-orders are limited and only cost PhP 9.99 but this will allow you to get the car at a lower starting price.

Pre-orders for the Hyundai Tucson through Lazada will last until September 12, 2020. If you’re interested in getting this particular car, pre-ordering it will slash the starting price from PHP 1,368,000 or others model to as low as PHP 934,000 starting at the base Tucson 2.0 GL 6MT 2WD model.


Reservations made on Lazada will be valid up to 45 days upon confirmation. To complete the transaction, you will be endorsed by your preferred authorized Hyundai dealer who will facilitate the client’s bank auto loan approval.

Sales under the promo will only be completed upon the approval of the auto loan application. If the loan application is now approved, you will be refunded the PHP 9.99 pre-order fee. If you’re interested, you can head on over to their LazMall Hyundai store to set your reservation.