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Primaris Terminators Revealed – Release Date & Pricing


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Huge reveals were shown during Adepticon 2023 and part of the slew of new models is the new Primaris Terminators. They are bigger, chonkier, and a modernized take on the old but well-loved model. So, when will these new Terminators release? How much would they cost? Let’s find out!

Primaris Terminators Details

Wait, Are They Actually Primaris?

New Primaris Terminators

GW has stated that these new Terminators can either be Primaris or OG Marines. These marines have proven themselves to take on these rare suits of armor, regardless of their generation. Will this affect the rules? Probably as GW may likely want to “convince” the inclusion of these Terminators in new Primaris Space Marine armies.

New Terminator Images

Size Comparison

New Terminator Size Comparison

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Primaris Terminators – Release Date & Pricing

Coming With 10th Edition

WH40K 10th ed banner

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The new Terminators acts as the poster boys (for now) of Warhammer 40,000’s upcoming 10th edition. With that said, they may release together with the new edition this coming Summer 2023.

May Come In Starter Boxes

What would make these Terminators more appealing is to include them in Starter Boxes. GW has released starter sets with Terminators before and it would be great if we can see them once again in such boxes. Given that they have been marketed and are one of the first models to be revealed for 10th edition, there’s a high chance that they may be included in 10th Edition Starter Box sets.

Primaris Terminators Price

No official pricing as of yet. However, expect a price increase from the old models. Recent releases have shown an increase in price even for old and standard models. New models for the Astra Militarum Sentinel and Cadian Squads have a new and higher price and it looks like the new Terminators will also follow this trend. But again, all speculation as of now. We’ll just have to wait for an official price which will likely appear in the next couple of months.

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