Ragnarok Online PH bids a GG on March 31


Ragnarok Online, the game that pioneered online gaming in the Philippines, is set to close its doors this coming March 31, 2015. The inevitable demise of the once popular online game is to no ones surprise, but given its 12-year stint, Ragnarok has undoubtedly affected the lives of some, if not most, gamers of today.

Players still enjoying the game may continue to do so as Level Up! and Warpportal are looking at a migration program for local players to play in international servers.

Undeniably, Ragnarok Online’s influence was incredibly strong during its heyday, spilling into pop culture, songs, and art. Kids of my age were more than eager to spend their weekly allowances on P50 and P100 cards, grinding their online avatars after school (or having someone do it during) . It was also the time when computer shops popped out like mushrooms riding on the tide of online gaming.


Remembering the game’s fun times evoke the ever distinct sound of a dialing 56KBps modem and the long wait for the update bar to fill. You’re not considered an “in” kid if you weren’t represented by a digital persona sporting a wacky hair color baptized with a name composed of unused characters. Fun times, indeed.

As time passed, the technical inferiority and the dawn of Free-to-Play online games crushed the gargantuan subscriber base of the aging MMORPG. Players were more keen to leave, opting to spend their time on games that were more appropriate for their tastes and age.

So, any great memories about Ragnarok Online? Were you able to meet your current spouse, experienced going hungry for a week just for top-up card, or met a dozen of online individuals that are now your offline friends ? Share it with us in the comments section below.

Source: http://ragnarok.levelupgames.ph/main/philippine-ragnarok-online-moves-to-a-new-home/