realme Pad Mini First Impressions Cover v2
realme Pad Mini First Impressions Cover v2
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After the launch of the realme Pad last year, it seems that the brand will be expanding its tablet lineup with the introduction of the realme Pad Mini. It is a smaller version of the original packing a smaller footprint but essentially the same design with slightly tweaked specifications to fit a lower price range.

realme Pad Mini – Unboxing

The realme Pad Mini comes in a small white box – a far cry from their traditional yellow branding. Despite the non-customary packaging, the device comes with the traditional realme accessory package: documentation, SIM ejector pin, USB Type-A to Type-C cable, and an 18W wall adapter.


Same Looks, Smaller Footprint

The realme Pad Mini looks like a miniature version of the realme Pad down to its design. Even the rounded edges and matte plastic chassis are similar. The Mini does have a significantly smaller footprint fitting everything in tinier 9.5-inch frame. It’s thickness is slightly more at 7.6mm but it remains lightweight at around 373g.

There are key differences in design compared to its larger brother. The realme Pad Mini has all its buttons at the right-hand side (or top-left when in landscape) instead of being at the sides. The rear camera bump is also slightly larger and sits atop of its own platform.

8.7-inch Display and Stereo Speakers

The smaller frame fits in an 8.7-inch IPS display. Resolution has been lowered to 1340 x 800, which is just a little bit higher than HD. It’s not as crisp as its larger sibling but the smaller display does help a bit. Fortunately, side bezels aren’t too large but the top and bottom chin are a bit larger than we would have liked.

To complete its entertainment aspect, the realme Pad Mini also come with stereo speakers. They pack a surprising amount of punch for a small device. It might not be on par to dedicated Bluetooth speakers but they will get you through a movie night.

What Else is There?

Inside the realme Pad Mini packs a Unisoc T616 chipset and will come 3GB/32GB LTE and 4GB/64GB LTE variants. Storage can also be expanded by up to 1TB through its dedicated MicroSD slot. It runs on Android with realme UI R Edition, which is a lightweight equivalent of the original realme UI to improve system stability and performance.

Power comes from a 6,400mAh battery. Given the modest internals of the device, this should be able to keep users entertained for the whole day. It does support 18W Fast Charging through its USB Type-C port at the bottom to swiftly top up the battery’s charge.

As far as imaging goes, the device has an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front facing camera. They are not the best in terms of specifications but they will do on a mini tablet like this.

realme Pad Mini – First Impressions

The realme Pad Mini seems like a direct miniaturization of the original realme Pad. Pretty much everything design-wise is still the same while still making the whole package smaller. We can’t reveal everything yet about the realme Pad especially benchmarks, but the tablet looks like a solid entertainment tablet from the brand.

It will launch in the Philippines first globally on April 4, 2022 through a livestream on their official Facebook and YouTube. Pricing, availability, and our full review will be available at launch.