Realme Watch 3 Review – Your Fitness Partner


The Realme Watch 3 is the next iteration of the company’s line of budget smartwatches. It features a squared design with an elegant metallic frame while having a larger screen to control with compared to the previous model. Let’s take a closer look at the Realme Watch 3

Realme Watch 3 Review – Design and Display

The Realme Watch 3 is a small, light, elegant device with a dimension of 45mm*37mm*11.5mm (not including the strap and local protrusions). Compared to the previous model, it’s a little bit smaller making it more comfortable to wear. It comes with a silicone band and the strap can be detached with the quick-release pins. It’s a comfortable and easy to wear, plus the strap it didn’t cause any skin irritations. Combine that with a small and lightweight body, the Realme Watch 3 won’t give you any reason to take it off even when you’re going to sleep.


The only time that you would want to take off the Realme Watch 3 is before getting in the shower or when you’re swimming. The Realme Watch 3 has an IP68 water resistance, which means it’s still only good for keeping on when you’re not doing any water activity.

The Realme Watch 3 features one physical button on the right of the watch, and it’s in-charge of basic functions such waking up the watch, opening the main menu, or if you have the need to power off or restart the device.

The Realme Watch 3 has a TFT-LCD touchscreen display with a resolution of 240*286 pixels. The sharpness is clear enough and you’ll be able to read all the text and notifications without having the need to move closer to the watch. It’s extremely bright and you’ll have no problems with using the watch outdoors. I tend to just set the brightness to about 40% all time and had no problems when I’m viewing the watch outdoors.

All-in-all, it’s a premium-looking timepiece that is sure to capture the eyes of people. For the price tag, Realme made sure that you could wear the Realme Watch 3 all day without having any problems interacting with the device.

Realme Watch 3 Review – Performance and Software

The Realme Watch 3 is controlled through the company’s companion app Realme Link and uses bluetooth 5.3 for connectivity. We are happy to report that it is compatible for both Android and iOS devices. Both setup is fairly straightforward – install the app, pair the device and you’re ready to go.

As for the overall performance, the Realme Watch 3 is buttery smooth. We didn’t experience any lag or sluggishness when browsing through the menus and activating workout mode. Taps and swipes are very responsive and the operating system was a breeze to navigate all throughout.

As for controls, the Realme Watch 3 is beginner-friendly. From the watch face, you can swipe up to view your recent notifications of your phone and swipe down to access quick shortcuts such as viewing the battery percentage, controlling brightness and enabling/disabling raise-to-wake.

Swiping left or right from the watch face will grant you access to some quick information cards like daily activity monitor, sleep tracking information, heart rate, weather, and music controls. The music control even works perfectly with Spotify and Apple Music during our testing without having to configure the companion app.

If you want to see a detailed breakdown of your activity, you’ll have to use the Realme Link companion software of the watch. This acts as the place to check your fitness stats, select a new watch face in the gallery section, and even change up the workouts and menus when you’re using the Realme Watch 3.

Realme Watch 3 Review – Fitness and Activity Monitor

The Realme Watch 3 is a good companion if you’re into fitness and overall health. It features an optical heart rate sensor and an Sp02 monitor, along with an accelerometer for movement. As a workout tracker, you can monitor your daily steps, calories burned, exercise minutes that you can even select what specific activity you’re doing.

The Realme Watch 3 also features inactivity alerts to make sure you’re standing up and drinking water that you can manually customize the intervals.

As for the sleep monitoring, the Realme Watch 3 is pretty accurate and it managed to determine exactly the time that I went to sleep and woke up. During this, it will also give you a breakdown of the statistics like deep sleep, light sleep, awake state, and REM sleep as well as your heart rate during those times.

There are a good number of sports modes on the Realme Watch 3, including jumping rope, mountain hike, taichi, and HIIT. This is a way for the user to tag different activities if you want specific-metric for each.

Realme Watch 3 Review – Battery Life

The Realme Watch 3 has a 340mAh battery inside, and the company stated that you can use the device for 7 days straight without having the need to charge it. We’re glad to report that the Realme Watch 3’s battery is impressive during our test.

We received the device last August 18 with 90% battery out of the box. As of writing (August 25), the device still has about 35% percent left. Our settings include, setting the ringer volume about 50%, moderate vibration, and 40% brightness. With these settings, we’re fairly confident that the Realme Watch 3 can go up to 10-14 days of usage.

There’s also a power saving mode found in the quick shortcuts menu that restricts all features except displaying the time. If you want to charge the watch, you’ll have a 2-pin magnetic connector and the charging time to full will be 2 and a half hours.

Realme Watch 3 Review – Should you buy?

The Realme Watch 3 is a good choice if you want to enter the smartwatch space without breaking the bank. With it’s price tag of PHP 3,499, it is a good-value smartwatch that handles everything well, the notifications are fast, daily activities and sleep tracking are pretty accurate, and it’s comfortable to wear all-day.