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Redmi 12C First Impressions – Redmi Experience Starting at Php5,499


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In the entry level market segment in the Philippines we rarely see a brand invest in this segment profit margins are razor thin, once in a blue moon we see some noise in this segment but its totally important. Here we’re going to check out Redmi with their latest 12C smartphone for the entry level segment. They aim to provide bigger screen and better battery life starting at ₱5,499.00 for the 3GB+32GB variant, ₱6,499.00 for the 4GB+64GB variant , and ₱7,499.00 for the 4GB+128GB variant.

Just remember first that the Entry-Level market is very different versus mid-range or top flagship ones. The priority of users will be the following experience and these are the areas where Redmi focused for the 12C

  1. Affordability
  2. Enabling Experience with Bigger Display and Battery
  3. Good Camera Optics

The device is powered by a Helio G85 Processor, which is a remarkable processor already considering most smartphones before are around Helio P70 just 3 years ago. In translation this is around 2-3x faster in performance with better graphics enabling apps such as games, video ARs, and even live-streaming. Which are the important applications today such as MLBB, Tiktok, FB and even CapCut.

The Redmi 12C feels robust with a rigged design at the back with the dual-camera setup and fingerprint scanner. A two stripe alternating pattern is felt at the back with better grip, plus it even can act as a fidgeting place for those who are tend to ponder with their phone for comfort.

Bigger Display 

The 6.71″ HD+ (720 x 1650 Pixels, 268 ppi) display powered by IPS is average you can see in most entry level smartphones. It’s flat with minor wedging bezels at the side especially at the chin, but nothing disturbing as the color quality of the display and brightness beats most affordable smartphones with VA displays that are washed out and not colorful.

Watching content with this display is delightful especially if you want an entry level smartphone and trying out new apps like Tiktok, AR videos, and even reels for the first time. It can also have a better viewing angle with a tighter air gap in the display, but still it works for us since the price point is the consideration.

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Bigger Battery for Performance

The battery of 5000mAh on a 6.71″ HD+ Display last very long, it’s very durable to last even 2 days with casual mobile data usage or even WiFi connectivity. This is a recipe for reliability and endurance that you can trust, remember that most entry level smartphone users tends to depend on their smartphone for connectivity 24/7 and they mostly don’t have a portable charger port to plug-in.

Though only 10W in charging which might be dragging, this is still decent with a Micro USB port. Yes call it weird, but don’t change what is broken especially for 2017-2018 smartphone users who are just about to upgrade smartphones now on a budget.

Playing games and multitasking is nice given the usual apps like MLBB, Tiktok, FB, Messenger, Calls & Text and casual exploration apps. This smartphone might lag from time to time, but nothing that would degrade your purchase since its a long-long lasting smartphone.

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Good Camera Optics with 50MP

50MP is the name of the game, while the camera is good with proper lighting environments…its a bit of a struggle for indoor setup such as the setup you see in the wine rack below. Though, most scenarios like food, and even simple subjects are color rich and detail proper. Camera software really tends to suffer when there are just too many subjects being detected such as multiple wine bottles or even the sari-sari store wall.

Selfies are acceptable though the shutter speed is a bit slow to our preference despite proper lighting. We can guess that this is due to our black jacket mistaken by the software as dark environment rather than AI based object as a jacket. So take note of this that details are acceptable, the 5MP camera is mostly for everyday socials.

Software that you can trust

One thing you will appreciate with Xiaomi is the certification of their OS with proper security and updates, its important for this price range to be starting the digital experience of users with the right track of protection against malwares that can hijack the first time encounter of users to things like starting their digital wallet, creating their first email accounts and more.

Remember that unknown fakes with cheaper prices around 3 thousand pesos, they are bound to use aged operating systems and proven to have malwares that can potentially jeopardize the accounts of the owner once tracked.

Extended RAM

While the Redmi 12C has 4GB of RAM only, it can still have extended ram via virtual RAM by borrowing some of the ROM storage to make it 4GB + 4GB capacity. This is the strength of Xiaomi in the price range that enables to push a bit more exploration and multi-tasking with this phone. Hint though, this feature is not yet activated by default when opening setting up the smartphone. So you need to activate this manually to enjoy the most of the Redmi 12C.

Conclusion – Redmi is investing from the start

Putting our expectation to a shoe of an entry-level smartphone user, it’s really to have a no-nonsense smartphone that can play MLBB during lunch-time, take decent photos for social, and can last long for a whole day with no outlet or powerbank.

We see the Redmi 12C as a dependable smartphone that can do everything, though not at the best in one feature it’s still a very considerable smartphone on a budget. So if you want a no nonsense smartphone that works, the Redmi 12C is your starting companion for your digital life.

At the end we recommend you get the ₱6,499.00 for the 4GB+64GB variant for a proper balance for apps and can last probably for around 3 years minimum with how apps today occupy storage. Who knows, if you are happy with the Redmi 12C eventually you might upgrade to a mid-range Redmi and eventually be a loyal Redmi user. That’s the goal of investing in entry-level as its a long way to grow right, if the product is right for the needed experience.

Redmi 12C Specifications

Redmi 12C
Chipset MediaTek Helio G85
Screen 6.71-inch IPS, 1650 x 720, 70% NTSC
OS Android 12, MIUI 13
Rear Camera 50MP f/1.8 Main, QVGA Auxillary Lens
Front Camera 5MP f/2.2
Storage 32GB, 64GB, 128GB eMMC 5.1, MicroSD
Network Dual-SIM, 4G LTE
Connectivity WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.1, FM Radio, MicroUSB, 3.5mm Audio Jack
Battery 5,000mAh, 10W Charging
Others Fingerprint Scanner, AI Face Unlock
Dimensions 168.76 x 76.41 x 8.77mm
Weight 192g
Colors Graphite Gray, Ocean Blue, Mint Green, Lavender Purple


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