Remastered: Metro 2033

Remakes of good games are also good games on its own. Some even become better like Metro 2033. 2010 was a year that further strengthened the need for a story-driven shooter. Metro 2033 presented a fact that not all FPS games should be made or marketed with multiplayer as it immersed us with an experience that would forever haunt or charm our fragile hearts. In just a short span of time, the game was subjected to a remake titled, Metro 2033 Redux, together with its sequel Metro: Last Light. We were incredibly tempted to try out this amazing game bundle in its remastered glory as it was sold for a fraction of its original cost, bundled together with the DLCs released. For this one, we solely concentrated on playing with Metro 2033: Redux to figure out if it should be considered as one of the best remasters of all time.


The World of Metro 2033

Metro 2033 is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, or what remains of it after World War III. Transformed into an unrecognizable terrain filled with monstrosities bought forth by the ravaging climates and radiation, remnants of humanity continued to thrive in the subterranean transit ways. Subway stations are now the de facto cities, striving communities with their own government and citizens. The player assumes control of Artyom, a denizen of a backwater station fending off attacks from unknown creatures. With his home under threat, he is now tasked to rally the people of the Metro to defeat the unknown aggressors.

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Regardless of the situation, the remaining humans within the Metro system still fight with each other due to dissimilarities in ideologies and beliefs. Catching this atmosphere makes Metro 2033: Redux believable and human at the same time. Couple this up with experiences best left unexplained and you have yourself a game that would more likely be in your shelf of digital classics.

As a first-person shooter, Metro 2033: Redux delves into realism more than enjoyment and simplicity. Weapons are stitched from common items such as bicycle parts, tubes, and other things that mankind has managed to salvage from the surface. One can get irritated by the slow reload times, overly active enemies, and the challenge of sneaking. Yes, there’s stealth involved in Metro 2033. In higher difficulties, it becomes the norm as two bullet wounds can score you a reload from checkpoint screen. The AI has proven to be more challenging, rooting out the player and tactically attacking en masse. However, stealthily stalking targets can be more entertaining and rewarding as you can see enemy human soldiers struggling to maintain composure at the sight of their comrade’s corpse.



Gameplay-wise, improvements from Metro: Last Light are now integrated into the game. More obvious is the improvement in graphics. Places and levels look more realistic and the lighting effects are definitely top-notch and worthy to be mentioned. The lighting engine in the game creates dynamic shadows that either create illusions to scare the player or help in stealth. Given that this is a game that is most of the time set underground, the lighting effects in Metro 2033: Redux is truly a sight to behold. Characters have been remodeled to look more life-life, although there is still something lacking in terms of the eyes (they look a bit dead).  This kind of graphics also come at a price. In the highest possible settings in 1080p, our rig managed to have an average of 34 FPS. Tone down the anti-aliasing setting a notch, and a refreshing 60 FPS can be achieved.


The atmosphere of the game is best experienced if you’re wearing formidable headsets. In a 7.1 setting, audio can be traced from the direction of its source. The previous statement proves to be very helpful in Metro 2033 as creatures are more than likely to lurk in the dark to stalk and torment the player with fear and panic before lunging in for the kill. Voice-acting is good, but definitely not that great.


Metro 2033: Redux is a remaster of an already great game. The classic bought upon by 4A is a must experience for FPS lovers and for those who love a great story in a post-apocalyptic setting. In short, it is Metro 2033 in its finest form. It loads faster even in traditional HDDs. The upgraded visuals, made more immersive by the improved engine, makes for a great three-day gaming retreat. It is however, a bit short. Also, an updated released beforehand culminated in the delay of this review. We only trudged forth after waiting for a fix.

For those who read the books


It is a must play. The author has read the Metro 2033 book in its softbound glory. There are some changes in the storyline in order to propel and exhibit a more gaming oriented environment. Nonetheless, the story remains true to its original material (depending on the player), created by Dmitry Glukhovsky.


-Improved Engine

-More streamlined gaming experience

-Effective use of horror and immersion

-DLC bundle



-After-launch issues with compatibility

-Some character models still look stiff

-Uncalled for goosebumps



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