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Redmi Watch 3 11

Redmi Watch 3 Impressions – Feature Packed AMOLED Health Smartwatch

Smartwatches are regaining traction with their increased purpose of monitoring your health and affordability of having one for around Php5,000 pesos. One perfect release from Redmi lately is the Redmi Watch 3, which is...
OPPO A57 2022 Review Cover

OPPO A57 2022 Review: A Focus on Style and Battery

The budget-friendly OPPO A57 from 2017 gets a new lease of life with the new OPPO A57 2022. Its new version retains the budget-friendly nature of the original while updating its specifications and design...
Redmi 12C 8670

Redmi 12C First Impressions – Redmi Experience Starting at Php5,499

In the entry level market segment in the Philippines we rarely see a brand invest in this segment profit margins are razor thin, once in a blue moon we see some noise in this...
Warhammer 40K Tacticus Cover

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus Review: Good Mobile WH40K Game

When it comes to video games, Warhammer 40,000 has a lot to offer. The question usually is: is this WH40K game worth your time? There are a lot of games but there are also...
Toyota Hilux Conquest

Toyota Hilux Conquest 4×4 2.8G Review – The Style and Work Pickup

The Hilux is one of the most iconic vehicles when you think of a pickup truck, with its exemption in the TRAIN TAX law, this category has been significantly growing among above earners as...
realme X3 SuperZoom Review Cover

realme X3 SuperZoom Review: The New Flagship Killer?

Up to now, realme has delivered smartphones with great price-to-performance ratio. The brand, however, has always stuck to the midrange and entry-level segment. That time is about to end as realme is introducing their...
realme C11 Review Cover

realme C11 Review: The Next Entry-Level King?

realme has had a string of successful midrange and flagship launches for the past few months. This time around, they are bolstering their C series lineup in the Philippines by introducing the realme C11....
TeamGroup GX1 240GB SSD Review Cover

Team Group GX1 240GB SSD review: A cheap and fast alternative to spinning drives

Team Group had a phenomenal showing at Computex 2019. From fast DDR4 memory sticks to RGB-infused internal SSDs and external drives, the brand is going all out for memory products this year. In this...
ASUS VivoBook S 14 OLED 2022 Review 7

ASUS VivoBook S 14 OLED (2022) Review: More Power for Less

The ASUS VivoBook series has always been the more economic option for customers when it comes to ultrabooks. Recently, however, they are starting to get more premium components like more powerful CPUs and OLED...
AOC Monitor 12

AOC 24B1XH Monitor Review – Ideal for Work

You should consider you monitor more seriously, why? Because its the main component that shows your output in color, sound, and even performance of your beloved PC. When you're in a budget for a...