Revived Witch Holds “Secret Stroll” Event, Introduces 2 New Dolls

Revived Witch Secret Stroll Cover

Pixel-art mobile RPG, Revived Witch, is hosting a new event – “Secret Stroll” in celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival. To bring this groundbreaking game to even greater heights, this update will feature various rewards, exclusive festival packs, a Witch Calendar sign-in event, and 2 new UR dolls. Be sure to check them out to celebrate this high-spirited festival.

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Revived Witch Secret Stroll Event Details

Revived Witch Secret Stroll


The “Secret Stroll” event starts on June 7th and will end on June 21st. Players can obtain additional Lucky Copper Coins by clearing stages in Dreamworld and can use these coins to draw items in Secret Wishes.

Furthermore, Witch Calendar, a new monthly sign-in event will be opened between June 7th and July 1st with rewards like Basic Runestone, Soul, Purifying Water, Average Skill Pact, Stamina Flask, and Furniture Coin.

Revived Witch Secret Stroll’s 2 New Dolls

2 brand new UR Dolls, Ninsar and Princess Amanami, make their debut at this event. Ninsar is available in the Dreamland Summon Pool from June 7th to June 14th while Princess Amanami will appear between June 14th and June 21st.

Verdure Whisper – Ninsar, UR Saltstone Compeller

Revived Witch Ninsar

Ninsar is an elven girl who grew up in the forest and has never been to the outside world. She dreams of freely exploring the outside, as free as a bird. During the battle, her first skill could shield all allies and buff them at the same time. Her second skill summons veins to deal damage and immobilizes all enemies while inflicting impaired deBuffs for a period of time.

Floral Echo – Princess Amanami, UR Mercury Healer

Revived Witch Princess Amanami

A princess who is deeply beloved by her people. She not only commits herself to deliver God’s blessings to her people but is also a strong healer. Her first skill grants every ally a shield that could either restore their health or inflict damage to the enemy. Her second skill restores health to all allies and adds buffs to them to deal even more damage.

New Shop Items & Packs

Grass Dumpling, Hand-made Dessert, and Secret Shop Pack are available at the shop during the event. Both food-themed packs could be purchased each day while Secret Shop Pack is a one-time purchase only. The Dragon Boat Festival Packs are also available to be purchased including different versions like Value, Basic, Advanced, Premium, and Deluxe.