Maya Savings Feature 2 Cover
Maya Savings Feature 2 Cover

Looking to grow your money this 2023? Maya will help you reach your money goals faster. The all-in-one banking app packs a feature-rich ecosystem that includes crypto access, and even savings.

High Interest Savings by Spending

With Maya, you can grow your interest rate to 6% p.a. for 30 days by simply using the app for daily transactions. Just spend an accumulated amount of  PhP 250 when paying for purchases via Maya QR, mobile number, or bills payment or buy airtime load through the app. You can then enjoy higher growth for your savings. This is available until February 28, 2023, but Maya usually announces their new promo beforehand.

Make Managing Your Money Fun

Maya is making saving fun and rewarding thanks to its innovative features that makes money management feel like a breeze.


Personal Goals – You can now categorize your savings depending on different goals or purposes. Be it your next dream vacation, emergency funds, or business capital, you can effectively split your savings in various designations to make savings for any goal direct and easy, with a guaranteed 6% personal goal interest p.a.per annum.

This year, we will try to double down on our savings and cut down on unnecessary spending. Spending can be easily tracked via the app and transfers are easy from the wallet to our savings account thanks to Maya! No more withdrawing outside and seeing all the “lason” in the mall.

We can also easily divide our savings between short-term goals and long-term goals. Some of your money can be in your Maya Savings  for that next PC upgrade or the next phone, while the majority are in Personal Goals stashed away for a new car or a new house.

Maya Username

Send Money via Username – Transferring funds to another user can be confusing especially if you haven’t memorized their account number. The first in the PH to use this feature, Maya makes this easy using @usernames instead of using a long and confusing account number or mobile number, much like how you tag your friends on social media, making it simpler and fun.. You can even attach GIFs when sending money to your friends or family. Just some of the features only with Maya and none of the traditional banking apps have!

@username is unique to each Maya account holder. In general, registration of usernames is on a first-come, first-served basis so choose well! Now you have the option to present your username or your account number on your Maya account to receive money via the platform. Guidelines for username registration can be found here.

BSPPI Licensed to Keep your Money Secure

Everyone needs some kind of assurance before they enter a new money management system. Maya’s Savings offers are powered by its own BSP-licensed Maya Bank and is PDIC-insured. Not only that, they also boast 99.9% uptime rate so you can be sure that transactions are safe and seamless 24/7.

These are only some of the ways you can maximize your money with Maya. You can now download the all-in-one digital bank, Maya through the PlayStore, App Store, and App Gallery. Start your money saving adventure with Maya today!