Secretlab Accessories Review – Are They Worth It?


Secretlab Chairs are regarded as one of the best when it comes to build quality and providing comfort. While they can be pricey at times, you do get what you pay for and the advertisement for these chairs are spot on. But with that said, what about the accessories? Are they worth it? In this review, we check out two Secretlab products: the Secretlab Softweave Fabric Wipes and the Secretlab Lumbar Pillow Pro.

Do note that these products are optional and they may or may not be included whenever you buy a Secretlab chair. They are however, also at times discounted and if you are lucky, come with the chair for free.

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Secretlab Softweave Fabric Wipes Review

Secretlab Softweave Fabric Wipes

First off, the cheaper one. The Softweave Fabric is a consumable product that bundles 20 sheets of 8″ x 8″ anti-static and anti-fungal wipes. These wipes are manufactured to clean your soft-weave Secretlab chairs.

Secretlab Softweave Fabric Wipes User Experience

Soapy & Smooth

Each wipe comes out of the pack soaked and soapy. I’ve used it on the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 and concentrated mostly on the edge where most dead skin cells or dirt reside. It’s effective in getting the liquid into the far recesses of the chair. If you’re worried about soaking your chair, don’t. The soapy solution dries up quickly and you only have to wait for a few couple of seconds for it to dry.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the wipes tend to dry up quickly if you spread them out. If you wish to use them for more than a few minutes, try to crumple the sheet to soak the whole thing before wiping it all over the chair.

Smells Nice

I mean, for a product with this price tag, you’ll expect it to smell nice. The Secretlab Softweave Fabric Wipes come with a cologne-like smell and it’s not strange to compare it with baby wipes often found in grocery stores. No weird smell here, guys.

Does It Get The Dirt Out?

The wipes does its job by making your chair a bit clean and by making it smell nice. However, the wipes are not a one-stop solution if you want to deal with embedded stains or darkened fabric. For that, it may require some aggressive rubbing from a soft brush to get some of the stains out.

Verdict & Conclusion

Secretlab Softweave Fabric Wipes Review

★★★★ – 4 Stars

The Secretlab Softweave Fabric Wipes are good complementary items to have if you buy or already have a Secretlab gaming chair. They are specifically made to treat the materials of the chair and you’ll never have to worry about any side effects. It’s also worth mentioning that whether you like it or not, these chairs do get dirty. If you don’t clean them from time to time, things may get a bit funky. With that said, best have a pack of these around and I reckon it can last you a year or a year and a half with those 20 sheets.

During this review, the Secretlab Softweave Fabric Wipes is bundled for free when you get a new Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 chair. Aside from a hefty discount, you also get something that would help you maintain your chair. Get it for free when you can!

Secretlab Lumbar Pillow Pro Review


Although the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 comes with a lumbar support, the Secretlab Lumbar Pillow Pro acts as a complementary product. It can snugly adhere to the backrest and acts as a cool, solid but soft support for your back.

Secretlab Lumbar Pillow Pro User Experience

Solid But Soft

The Secretlab Lumbar Pillow Pro is soft but not too squishy that it’ll buckle up when you sit down or lean on it. Good thing is that even if you apply a lot of pressure on it, the pillow still manages to revert back to its original shape.

It’s So Cool

Secretlab Lumbar Pillow Pro Review with TITAN EVO 2022

Part of what makes the Secretlab Lumbar Pillow Pro great is that it is not a heat magnet. While there are some cheap pillows out there that you can use as a support, this one does not make your lower back heat up. The feature on its product page is true and the pillow does not retain heat. Most impressive is I’ve often used it in the typical, dreaded sweaty afternoons here in Metro Manila. Suffice to say, sweaty lower back days are over with this one.

Verdict & Conclusion

★★★★★ – 5 Stars

Given that I have back problems, this is definitely a product I can recommend. The Secretlab Lumbar Pillow has improved my sitting posture greatly and while the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 has an already good lumbar support, this product vastly improves it further. If you have problems with your back like I do, I highly recommend that you get this one.

Secretlab Accessories Review – Are They Worth It?

Good Products From Secretlab

Secretlab Logo Lumbar Pillo Pro

Both the Secretlab Softweave Fabric Wipes and the Secretlab Lumbar Pillow Pro are great products that are effective in what they are designed to do. The Softweave Fabric Wipes is a good complementary tool to keep your fabric weave chairs smelling good and clean. The Lumbar Pillow Pro is a highly-recommended product especially to those with back problems and also for those that tend to sit in front of their computers or work desks for extended periods of time.

Where Can I Buy Secretlab Accessories?

Take advantage of the on-going sales here in the Philippines by purchasing Secretlab products from either Lazada or Shopee. Note that these sales and discounts are seasonal and usually occur every month. So if you want to take care of your Secretlab chair, or possible get one, then your best bets are buying it during sales.

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