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Starbucks Celebrates 25th Year in PH, Offers New Holiday 2022 Menu Starting This 11/2


Starbucks is celebrating their 25th anniversary here in the Philippines and they are offering a lot of new stuff for the coming holiday 2022. Aside from a very special menu, Starbucks is bringing in special collections and Philippine-exclusive items.

Below is the Holiday 2022 menu of Starbucks including their exclusive items. For the 2023 Starbucks planners and tumblers, read the official release here.

Starbucks Holiday 2022 Menu

The below products are set to be available for order starting this November 2. You can also order them via GrabFood or foodpanda though be aware that prices may be different from the ones listed below.

Starbucks Holiday 2022 Beverages & Price


Signature espresso and steamed oatmilk with flavors of Red Velvet flavored sauce. Topped with whipped cream and Red Biscuits.​


  • MSRP for a Tall (12 fl oz): Php 210
  • MSRP for a Grande (16 fl oz): Php 225
  • MSRP for a Venti (20 fl oz): Php 240

Love at first sip, a sweet creamy layer of strawberry foam followed by our highest quality pure matcha gives you a soothing moment to relax and enjoy the lovely scenery in Spring.


  • MSRP for a Tall (12 fl oz): Php 195
  • MSRP for a Grande (16 fl oz): Php 210
  • MSRP for a Venti (20 fl oz): Php 225


  • MSRP for a Tall (12 fl oz): Php 200
  • MSRP for a Grande (16 fl oz): Php 215
  • MSRP for a Venti (20 fl oz): Php 230

Milk steamed with Cloud Powder layered with espresso, Salted Caramel Syrup and topped with Caramel drizzle.


  • MSRP for a Tall (12 fl oz): Php 195
  • MSRP for a Grande (16 fl oz): Php 210
  • MSRP for a Venti (20 fl oz): Php 225

Food Menu & Price

Starbucks Philippines Chicken Fajita RollCHICKEN FAJITA ROLL

A tortilla filled with tender slices of chicken breast fillet, seasoned with Mexican spices, then topped with smooth creamy cheese.​

​Best paired with Iced Toffee Nut Crunch Latte

MSRP: Php 145

Starbucks Philippines Holiday Ham, Egg White _ Cheese Spread on Croissant BunHOLIDAY HAM, EGG WHITE, AND CHEESE SPREAD ON CROISSANT BUN

Slow-roasted Christmas ham, egg white omelette and cheese dressing on a buttery flaky croissant bun.

 Best paired with Matcha and Espresso Fusion

MSRP: Php 170

Starbucks Philippines Chocolate Overload CookieCHOCOLATE CHIP OVERLOAD COOKIE

Big and chewy cookie loaded with dark and milk Belgian chocolate chunks and chips.​

Best paired with Espresso con Panna

MSRP: Php 85

Starbucks Philippines Chocolate Peppermint DoughnutCHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT DOUGHNUT

Light and fluffy dough glazed with chocolate peppermint the, finished with red and green chocolate drizzles​

Best paired with Cold Foam Iced Espresso​

MSRP: Php 70

Starbucks Philippines Chocolate Crepe Cake SliceCHOCOLATE CREPE CAKE

Seventeen (17) layers of crêpe with chocolate cream filling.​

Best paired with Caffé Americano​

MSRP for a Slice: Php 215

MSRP for Whole: Php  1,720

Starbucks Philippines Purple Yummy Cake SlicePURPLE YUMMY CAKE

Light and moist purple yam sponge cake filled with creamy purple yam filling. It’s simple and heavenly ube-licious! ​

Best paired with Caffé Latté​

MSRP for a Slice: Php 215

MSRP for Whole: Php  1,720

Starbucks Philippines Mango Berry Cheesecake SliceMANGO BERRY CHEESECAKE

Our classic NY cheesecake, loaded with mango and berry compotes.  ​

Best paired with Brewed Coffee​

MSRP for a Slice: Php 240

MSRP for Whole: Php  2,400

Starbucks Philippines Double Chocolate Mousse Cake made with Belgian Chocolate Plant-Based Milk SliceDOUBLE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE

Made with Belgian chocolate and plant-based milk​

Moist chocolate cake layered with smooth, cream dark and milk chocolate mousse.​

Best paired with Christmas Blend 2022​

MSRP for a Slice: Php 215

MSRP for Whole: Php  2,150

Starbucks Philippines Red Velvet Whoopie PieRED VELVET WHOOPIE PIE​

Two soft and chewy red velvet cookies with smooth creamy filling. ​​

Best paired with Cappuccino

MSRP: Php 95

Starbucks Philippines Berry Poppins TartBERRY POPPINS TART

A golden butter crust with rainbow sprinkles, filled with berries, topped with white chocolate drizzle.​

Best paired with Starbucks Reserve® Zambia Isanya Estate​

MSRP: Php 130

Starbucks Philippines Triple Cheese PanzerottiTRIPLE CHEESE PANZEROTTI

Light and soft fried dough filled with mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, filled cheese, and basil pesto.​

Best paired with Red Velvet Oatmilk Cream Frappuccino​

MSRP: Php 90

Starbucks Philippines Salmon Spinach TurnoverSALMON SPINACH TURNOVER

Butter and flaky crust filled with creamy salmon and spinach filling.​

turnover – pastry dough with filling folded in half to create pastry in shape of a triangle​

Best paired with Toffee nut Crunch Frappuccino

MSRP: Php 130

Starbucks Holiday 2022 Merchandise



This special collection is all about a story of the nutcracker and his friends, celebrating the enhancement of the Holiday season while people are sleeping. The entire collection is joyful and heartwarming.​ Nutcracker and Ballerina Bearista Bear are featured in the format of reusable cups, mugs, tumblers and lifestyle items in a pairing concept, a very Starbucks ownable and adorable lineup for Holiday gifting​.

Merchandise include: Stanley Collection in refreshing holiday colors: muted red and apple green, holiday seasonal merchandise in shimmering iridescent purple, Global Holiday red and reusable cups.


Starbucks Philippines Holiday 2022 Been There Collection


Celebrate the local get-together for the holidays with the 2022 Holiday Been There mugs featuring a classic holiday red cup in the illustration. ​

Available with the Philippines and Manila mug version.​

Starbucks Philippines 25th Anniversary Collection

Starbucks Philippines Holiday FY23 PR Images Merch - 25th Anniversary Collection

LAUNCH DATE: NOVEMBER 2 (Philippine-exclusive)

Celebrating 25 wonderful years of coffee connection in the Philippines.​

Featuring a limited-edition rhinestone-studded cold cup, symbolizing the countless sparks of joy we have created with our customers through the years.​

Also included in this collection are tumblers and mugs with classy silver decals in white and steel blue palette.​

25th Anniversary Rhinestone Bling

Starbucks Philippines - Holiday FY23 PR Images Merch - 25th Anniversary Collection Rhinestone Highlight

Purchase limit of one (1) piece per customer only.

Starbucks Holiday 2022 Coffee

Starbucks Holiday 2022 Whole Beans Christmas BlendStarbucks Holiday 2022 Holiday FY23 VIA Christmas BlendSTARBUCKS® CHRISTMAS BLEND 2022
  • MSRP VIA: Php 475
  • MSRP Origami: Php 450

 Also available in VIA & ORIGAMI Format

 Christmas Blend is nostalgic, comforting and a delicious symbol of a wonderful time of year—when Aged Sumatra coffees are ready for blending. The original Seasonal Favorite, Starbucks Christmas Blend heralds a familiar feeling of holiday warmth. This coffee is a testament to Starbucks sourcing, roasting, and blending expertise, resulting in a distinct sweet, spicy taste, that brings cherished memories of the most magical time of year.​

Starbucks Holiday 2022 Whole Beans Christmas Blend Espresso RoastSTARBUCKS® CHRISTMAS BLEND ESPRESSO ROAST 2022

MSRP: Php 695

 Christmas Blend Espresso Roast was inspired by original flavor notes of our Espresso Blend at the heart of every espresso beverage. This is the blend creates a bold and decadent cup: the perfect pairing for indulgent holiday cheer.​

Our packaging is designed to brighten up any celebration with the symbol of hope, a compliment to the coffee’s deep traditions with a nod to an inclusive way to highlight the season.​

A decadent and indulgent expression of mulling spices, smoked vanilla and sugar plum flavors with a rich molasses like body and sweetness.​

Starbucks Philippines Holiday 2023 VIA Peppermint MochaSTARBUCKS® VIA PEPPERMINT MOCHA LATTE

MSRP: Php 395

Celebrate the season with a joyful cup inspired by our handcrafted holiday favorite. ​

Starbucks VIA Instant® Peppermint Mocha Latte is a delicious indulgence, made from 100 percent arabica beans, natural flavors, cocoa and a touch of sugar. ​

Each packet gives you a rich, bold, wonderfully balanced cup of flavored coffee you can enjoy wherever you are.  With an easy-to-use VIA format, customers can bring a Holiday favorite coffee shop experience home. ​

Starbucks Philippines Holiday FY23 PR Images - Reserve Christmas Reserve BlendSTARBUCKS RESERVETM CHRISTMAS 2022​

MSRP: Php 725

Each year, we seek out the flavor profile that makes up Starbucks Reserve Christmas. The flavors remind of us of the tree lighting up, the holiday table, the family arriving home for the holidays, livening up an otherwise quiet home, and the surprise of opening a present on Christmas day.​

Our master blenders have joined three remarkable coffees into a blend as rare and memorable as the season. Starting with hand-selected beans from Hacienda Alsacia, we add perfectly aged Sumatran beans and full-bodied coffee from the Aceh region of Indonesia. The blend is expertly roasted to bring out notes of cheerful citrus balanced with seasonal spice and the honeyed sweetness of marmalade.

Starbucks Philippines Holiday FY23 PR Images - Reserve Zambia Isanya EstateSTARBUCKS RESERVETM​ ZAMBIA ISANYA ESTATE

MSRP: Php 725

 Complex in taste and irresistibly balanced, this remarkable coffee is our latest offering from Zambia. Driven by a belief that great coffee is a product of great concern for the planet and for the people who bring it to life, the Isanya Estate is known for its environmental initiatives and resolution to improve community livelihoods.​ On the estate, coffee trees and their cherries thrive alongside health care, reforestation and beekeeping programs. With every sip, notes of pink grapefruit and bittersweet chocolate showcase the unique flavors of the region.​





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