Tears of Themis Fluffy Fuzzy Time II
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Global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse announced today that its romance detective title, Tears of Themis, will launch its limited-time “Fluffy Fuzzy Time II” event in August. Players can take care of a lively and cheerful Pomeranian with Artem or spend time with a proud and mischievous navy-eyed Russian Blue with Marius. What surprises will the pets bring to the players during these sweet moments of companionship? Cherish every happy moment together and record the pets’ growth!

Tears of Themis “Fluffy Fuzzy Time II” Details

It’s time to spend a lovely time with the adorable pets again! On August 24, [Fluffy Fuzzy Time II] will be available to all players. Love does not always need to be expressed in words. Every moment together is a heart-to-heart interaction. Sometimes, the pets are silly and mischievous, or capricious and playful, but these are their displays of trust and affection for their caretakers. Companionship comes with tacit understanding, and staying by each other’s side is a silent yet unwavering sincerity. Embark on a romantic journey and take care of pets with him!


Take Care Of A Pet

During the event, Attorneys can choose to take care of a pet with either Artem or Marius, progress the pet’s Growth Record, and unlock Growth Memories! Increase the pet’s Trust by interacting with it via feeding, calling, cleaning, and more. Bring them outdoors to trigger Outdoor Events with six different stories. Gain Trust Levels to unlock Pet Sound Communicator and various games with the pet! Complete all Growth Memories to earn the Event-Limited “Love Messenger” and “Noble Cat” Badges, S-Chips, and other rewards. In addition, Artem’s dynamic Invitation “Amiable” and Marius’ dynamic Invitation “Together in Dreams” will be obtainable during the event. Enter the event page to trigger the limited-time sale and enjoy a discount for 48 hours!

Fluffy Fuzzy Time II Event Shadow of Themis

Besides the engaging gameplay, Fluffy Fuzzy Time II Event Shadow of Themis will also be available during this time. During the event, the event-limited Artem SSR “Cutie Ollie” and Marius SSR “Sweet Berry” will have an increased draw rate! Unlock the corresponding card to experience its exclusive card art, story, and phone call. Lingering affections and tender touches, a silently conveyed love from Artem: “Maybe things will be different in the future, but my feelings for you will always be as sincere and passionate as the first day we met.” Whispered words of admiration from Marius, softly and sweetly touching your heart: “You said it. We’re going to live together sooner or later. And it’s going to be for the rest of our lives.”

What Is Tears of Themis?

The main story of Tears of Themis takes place in the fictitious city of Stellis, where players kick off their legal career as a rookie attorney, solving cases and issues by conducting investigations and debates. When the darkness hidden beneath finally unveils itself, a sinister force that threatens justice and order slowly begins to surface. The four male protagonists with distinct personalities, also known as the members of the NXX Investigation Team, provide continuous support and assistance throughout this journey. Relationships blossom with the establishment of mutual trust and close cooperation.

Tears of Themis officially launched on July 29, 2021 on both Android and iOS. Game text is available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean, with dubbing available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. This game has an age rating of 3+ (all ages) on the Google Play Store (12+ on the Korean Google Play Store) and 12+ on the App Store. For more information, please visit the official website at http://tot.hoyoverse.com, Twitter (@TearsofThemisEN), Instagram (@tearsofthemis_en), Facebook (@tearsofthemis.glb), the official Discord server, or the official YouTube channel, and the official TikTok account (@tearsofthemisen).