Tekken 8 Ultimate
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Leading video game publisher and developer Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia today announced that TEKKEN 8, the upcoming entry in the legendary fighting franchise, is set to release on 26 January 2024. The game is coming exclusively to PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam®. Developed by Bandai Namco Studios Inc., TEKKEN 8 will harness the power of current hardware to make it the most visually stunning game in the series yet. The title also promises a new approach to playing fighting games, with a new aggressive combat system that rewards offense-first tactics and delivers spectacular fights. TEKKEN 8 is now available for pre-order in Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate Edition. For more information, please visit https://tekken.com/ or Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia’s e-store.

TEKKEN 8 Release Details

New Mode: Arcade Quest

Today’s reveal showcased Arcade Quest as a completely new mode coming to TEKKEN 8. Arcade Quest is a new single player mode that will prove the ultimate training ground, tapping into the franchise’s roots to introduce a new way to play and polish skills. In this mode, players can create and customise their own avatar and “visit” different arcades to participate in matches designed to improve their play and teach new techniques. As players progress through the story, they will continue to develop and grow stronger along with their avatar, honing their skills against tougher and tougher opponents in a story not too different from how some real players got into esports.


Launches With 32 Characters

Continuing the regular cadence of TEKKEN 8 character reveals, the trailer announced returning favourites joining the 32-character roster, with Kuma, Leo, Shaheen, Steve, Dragunov, and Yoshimitsu showcasing their updated looks and moves. All the characters in TEKKEN 8 will have deep customisation choices, including completely new options, with the possibility to change colours as well as the size and position of accessories – letting players really show their style and bring personal flair to their favourite characters.

TEKKEN 8 Release Editions

tekken 8 editions

  • Standard
  • Deluxe
  • Ultimate Edition

Pre-Order Is Now Live

preorder bonuses

TEKKEN 8 is now available for pre-order in Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate Edition. Pre-orders for Standard Edition include the base game, once available, and grant players the Paul Phoenix set as an Avatar Costume. PlayStation®5 players will receive the Mokujin and Testujin Avatar skins.

Deluxe Edition

Tekken 8 deluxe edition

The Deluxe Edition includes all standard items along with the Playable Character Year 1 Pass, which unlocks four characters released after the game’s launch, as well as the Kinjin Avatar skin. It also includes the Gold Suit Pack of playable character costumes for all 32 characters, letting players bring bling to their battles.

Ultimate Edition

Ultimate edition contents

The Ultimate Edition includes all content and bonuses of the Deluxe edition along with Avatar skins for Kazuya, Jin, and Jun as well as 32 patterns of classic TEKKEN T-shirt sets for players to personalise their avatars and perhaps relive past memories from this legendary franchise.

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