Toyota Vios GR S Cover 1068x534 1
Toyota Vios GR S Cover 1068x534 1

The Toyota Vios GR-S is the motorsports-inspired variant of the locally-manufactured Vios. This new model infuses an upgraded design and more features. This includes a new racing-inspired exterior with the GAZOO Racing emblem and sporty front bumper, grille, aerokit, and spoiler.

Its interior also receives a new look with leather with red stitching on the wheel, shift lever, and knob as well as suede/synthetic leather with red stitching seats. It has a 10-speed CVT transmission variant with 7 SRS airbags and clearance sonars for a safer drive. Apple Carplay and Android Auto are also compatible with the Vios GR-S.


A public online launch will be held on March 13 at 6:00pm will be held on Toyota’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel. Two variants of the Toyota Vios GR-S will be available in the Philippines starting March 15, 2021:

Variant SRP Colors
1.5 GR-S 1,035,000 White Pearl Crystal Shine
1,020,000 Super Red V
Black 1

In addition to the introduction of the Vios GR-S, XE variants or higher will now come with Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility as well as Bluetooth switches on the wheel. G, XLE, and E versions will get redesigned seat patterns, while the XE gets two additional speakers. XL and E grades will be getting a new alloy wheel design. Check out their new prices below:

Variant As of 03/02/2021 As of 02/03/2021 Difference
1.5 G CVT (White Pearl) 985,000 1,071,000 -86,000
1.5 G M/T (White Pearl) 926,000 1,012,000 -86,000
1.5 G CVT 970,000 1,056,000 -86,000
1.5 G M/T 911,000 997,000 -86,000
1.3 E CVT 901,000 891,000 10,000
1.3 E M/T 851,000 841,000 10,000
1.3 XLE CVT 851,000 841,000 10,000
1.3 XLE M/T 801,000 791,000 10,000
1.3 XE CVT (7 airbag) 808,000 753,000 55,000
1.3 XE CVT (3 airbag) 753,000 747,000 6,000
1.3 J M/T (7 airbag) 717,000 707,000 10,000
1.3 J M/T (3 airbag) 707,000 697,000 10,000
1.3 Base MT (7 airbag) 691,000 681,000 10,000
1.3 Base MT (3 airbag) 681,000 671,000 10,000

To celebrate the arrival of the Vios GT-S, Toyota will also be introducing Toyota GAZOO Racing products, services, and experiences in the country. The Toyota GAZOO Racing Vios cup will also start this July to bring back Vios racers to the racetrack provided it has been deemed safe by the authorities.