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TTRacing Unveils One Piece Collaboration, Introduces 4 Iconic Gaming Chairs


TTRacing, a premier gaming chair company renowned for its quality, proudly announces its latest collaboration with the global anime sensation, One Piece. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of pirate adventures created by the visionary Eiichiro Oda, the collection promises to transport fans into the heart of the Straw Hat crew’s legendary exploits.

TTRacing & One Piece Collaboration Details

One piece collab characters

In partnership with Toei Animation, the collaboration brings iconic members of the Straw Hat pirates to life in an exclusive collection that embodies the spirit of adventure and friendship. From Luffy’s unwavering belief in himself and Zoro’s steadfast determination, each unique design captures the essence of these beloved characters with pizazz.One Piece fans can register for priority access to the collection at ttracing.ph. This exclusive launch promises an unparalleled gaming experience infused with sleek pirate king designs. The One Piece designs are precision stitched with the distinctive map of the Grand Line, so set sail with the crew on an unforgettable adventure!

One Piece Collection

Crafted to exceed the expectations of the most fearsome pirate captains, the TTRacing x One Piece collection is the ultimate throne for navigating epic battles and charting legendary voyages to the Grand Line.

The One Piece collection is upholstered in breathable Air Threads Fabric and soft velour that offer durability and comfort tailored for demanding gaming marathons. In addition, the gaming chairs are equipped with 4D adjustable armrests with neck and lumbar pillow for support. Joining a notable lineup of exciting IPs, including Marvel and Star Wars, TTRacing’s One Piece collection exemplifies its commitment to representing its diverse fan base with premium craftsmanship and exciting partnerships.

Find out more about TTRacing here: http://ttracing.ph/onepiece

TTRacing x One Piece Collab Chairs Price

The gaming chairs retail for between ₱$7,699 – ₱$16,499 and will include the: Maxx – Luffy Edition, Surge X Zoro Edition, Swift X 2020 Nami Edition and the vibrant Duo V4 Chopper Edition.For a limited period, the Maxx – Luffy Edition with Air Threads Fabric will come with a complimentary straw hat gift, letting fans truly connect with Luffy’s world of pirates and adventure! The Surge X Zoro Edition will also include Zoro’s iconic Bandana and Earrings to match. The iconic accessories let gamers conquer virtual realms and embrace the Straw Hat crew’s adventurous spirit.

What Is TTRacing?

Established in 2017, TTRacing is a leading provider of premium gaming chairs, ergonomic desks, office chairs and other comfort peripherals tailored to enhance the comfort experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Established to revolutionise ergonomics for gaming, working or relaxing, TTRacing now leads the way towards superior comfort and exceptional performance. Every product is designed to be a great companion for long gaming sessions or extended working hours.

TTRacing dedicates itself to developing high-quality ergonomic chairs and desks that create a seamless seating experience for its users. Driven to seat the future, TTRacing pushes ergonomic engineering comfort to its best potential, continuously pushing boundaries to deliver cutting-edge solutions that optimise productivity and performance. TTRacing strives for optimal sitting posture, founded on the belief that a good posture can positively impact one’s overall well-being.




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