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vivo Technologies in 2022 – A Retrospective


In 2022, vivo launched a mix of premium, mid-range, and budget offerings to its customers who have different needs and wants for a smartphone. The company says that it was a year of success and this is just a quick retrospective of the devices they released that made noise globally.

Their First Folding Smartphone

vivo introduced its first folding smartphone back in April 2022 in the form of the vivo X Fold. It came with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 chipset, dual 120Hz E5 screens, and four full-focal ZEISS cameras. A 4,600mAh battery powers the device, which also supports 66W dual fast charging. The vivo X Note followed suit with a 7-inch large screen that sports the same features as the vivo X Fold.

The vivo X80 Series

The vivo X80 series was the talk of the town when it came out as the company promised nothing less than the best quality, materials, and lens coating. A standout feature is its 50mm portrait lens with Gimbal technology to deliver outstanding photos.

Its main camera is powered by a Sony IMX866 sensor for vivid snaps and is one of the first smartphones to hit the market equipped with it. The company has developed its own vivo V1+ chip to make display and imaging graphics more immersive.

The vivo V25 Lineup

In May 2022, vivo introduced its mainstream vivo V25 series. They promised outstanding photography potential and color-changing capabilities that they said are essential to Gen Zs and Millennials.

Its Photochromic 2.0 feature is a color-changing innovation and the V25 series are the only smartphones  from the company to sport it. Due to its light molecular material used in microscope optical storage devices and biological targeting agents, their colors change after being exposed to sunlight or UV light.

The V25 series is able to take snaps in various scenarios and lighting situations. The vivo V25 Pro specifically has a 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing rear camera, an 8MP ultrawide camera, and a 2MP Macro lens. The main camera’s OIS module offers clearer and steadier videos and boost image brightness and quality in low light.

vivo X Fold+

Just a couple of months after the original X Fold, the vivo X Fold+ hit the market. It is a slight upgrade with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip with Secure Processing Unit. It offers an improved design and is further augmented by an optimized battery life.

The smartphone has a 2K+ Ultra Vision Foldable Screen, 3D Ultrasonic Dual-Screen Fingerprint Scanning, and 50W wireless FlashCharge. It goes further in terms of hardware and software performance compared to the norm aligned with the company’s pursuit of perfection and innovation.

Zeiss-Powered X90 Series

vivo X90 Pro+

Soon after the X80 series, vivo announced its global launch of their new flagships – the vivo X90 and X90 Pro. First introduced in China, the series still comes with ZEISS-powered optics including an anti-reflective coating in addition to software and system integrations.

The vivo S16 Series with Aura Light

The last smartphones to hit the market from the brand in 2022 is the vivo S16. The S16 shippped with an Aura Light LED at the back to allow you to capture soft and stunning photos without needing a ring light. As for imaging, it packed a Sony IMX766 sensor plus OIS and EIS to name a few.

Launch of Self-Developed Chips

In April 2022, vivo introduced their second-generation self-developed chip V1+ on the X80 series. Their data shows that the chip’s throughput speed can be maintained at 8GB/s and efficiency is improved by about 300% when compared to previous chips. Power consumption has been slashed as well by up to 72% according to vivo.

At the same time, vivo and MediaTek have in-depth cooperation to adjust the V1+ chip with the Dimensity 9000. They say that more than 30 patents have been generated by their cooperation.

The V2 chip was released in November 2022. It adopts a new iterative AI-ISP architecture to bring improvement in compatibility and functionality as well as an upgrade to the on-chip memory unit, AI computing unit, and image processing unit.

OriginOS 3

OriginOS 3 was introduced back in November 2022. It introduces an intelligent computing hub framework, which includes three levels: basic capabilities at the bottom, resource scheduling optimization at the middle, and an upgrade to its upper vision and control perception.

They also added a variety of algorithms that are able to upgrade the memory fusion with a maximum effect of +8GB while upgrading the design system to make it clearer and less complex at the same time.

iQOO Phones to be Launched this 2023

In addition to the new smartphone iteration of the vivo brand, its sub-brand, iQOO, has also successively released iQOO 9 series, iQOO Neo6 series, iQOO 10 series, iQOO Z6 series, iQOO Neo7 series, and iQOO 11 series models in 2022.

The Vivo iQOO 10 Pro smartphone is a good package of specs and features that you can expect from the flagship range smartphone. It provides amazing performance to support your gaming session and heavy usage easily. The iQOO 10 Pro, released in July 2022, debuted a 200W ultra-fast flash charging commercial. The smartphone has an ultra-fast mode, a built-in 4700mAh battery can be charged from 1% to 100% only 10 minutes.

Continuing the Legacy: No 1 Smartphone in China, Stable Global Performance

In 2022, vivo occupied the biggest place in the domestic smartphone market share in the third quarter, and its share of the global market was also stable in the top five. According to data released by IDC, vivo ranked third in the domestic smartphone market share at 17.9% in the first quarter of 2022, with shipments of 13.3 million units.

In Q2 2022, according to data released by IDC, vivo had a market share of 19.1% in domestic smartphones and shipped 12.9 million units, ranking second. In terms of the global market, vivo ranked fifth, accounting for 9% of the market share, slightly lower than the same period last year. (Source: Canalys)

In Q3 2022, vivo Topped China Smartphone Market with 21% Market Share. In terms of the global market, vivo ranked fifth in shipments, accounting for 9% of the market share. (Source: Canalys)

In Q4 2022, in the global smartphone market, vivo still ranked fifth in the fourth quarter, accounting for 8% of the share. (Source: Canalys)

Showing no signs of slowing down, vivo established a 25% total market share in Q4 of 2019 to take second spot in the local smartphone industry rankings. Based on the latest Canalys report on the smartphone landscape of the Philippines, the leading global technology company achieved the feat behind a 159% year-on-year growth which may be attributed to a series of new technologies, products and marketing initiatives rolled out last year.

A Year to be Thankful to its Fans

2022 was nothing but a great year for the brand. It won’t be possible without the continued love and support that the brand has been receiving ever since the brand introduced its first ever product. vivo is committed to bringing digital devices to every consumer for a fully intelligent and advanced world.

Not only in the field of mobile phones, vivo is also improving its own layout in ecological construction and has launched tablets, headphones, and other products to strengthen customer stickiness. In terms of core technology, vivo is deeply engaged in imaging technology and has released two self-developed chips.

Whether it is in high-end products or low-end markets, vivo gained good recognition in both reputation and sales and will continue to do so to serve all consumers.

To know more about the participating products, you may visit vivo’s official website. And for more information on vivo’s latest news and updates, please head to vivo’s official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels.




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