Volkswagen Bids Farewell to the Beetle, teases next generation

Volkswagen bids farewell to the much popular Beetle, the company created a dedicated video to show the 70-years of the famous car. Titled “The Last Mile”, Volkswagen shows the power, achievements, and even generations that have used the popular car lineup.

Watching the video showed the hardships of families from learning to drive, trusting your parents, and even having your own family. Every journey the Beetle went through, it showed workmanship that is truly iconic. To be honest, the video was really emotional where it hits the most for owners in different life stages.


The last frame shows a photo of a new Volkswagen, with the caption of “Where one road end, another begins.” with even a caption of “Drive Bigger” and the next slide.

If we’re to guess, this is a frontier of Volkswagen to show another innovation legacy. We guess it will be an electric car to forward to the new decade. We feel this is a big opportunity for the car brand to regain its glory from the past scandals it endured.