Cursed City Nemesis
Cursed City Nemesis

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City has been through a lot and with the announcement of its first expansion, things have looked up quite a bit. To make it a bit brighter, the second expansion, Nemesis, has been announced for Cursed City. Read this to know about this expansion’s release date, price, contents, and more.

Cursed City Nemesis – Details & Contents

Final Cursed City Expansion

cursed city nemesis box

Nemesis is the second and last expansion of Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. Similar to the first expansion, Nightwars, this expansion also has no miniatures included. It contains papers, tokens, and cards that you need to expand the adventure and finally end the threat of Radukar the Wolf.


Nemesis Box Contents

Cursed City Nemesis Box Contents

  • Nemesis Quest Book
  • 8 Paragon Class Trait Cards
  • Nemesis Quest Card
  • 6 Hostile Reference Cards
  • 8 Double-sided Sinkhole Tokens
  • 5 Encounter Cards
  • 17 Tokens

New Rules & Events

Major Actions are now a part of Nemesis and they are actions with the value of 7 or higher. Heroes can also start the adventure with inspiration points through the use of an Exalt Token that they may gain in Nemesis. For foes, some of Radukar’s Court may make an appearance during your quest and there’s also a chance for you to encounter Radukar again in either his Beast form or Wolf form.

Cursed City Nemesis Miniatures

Similar to the first expansion, no miniatures are included in the box. However, if you have been playing as the Soulblight Gravelords or the Flesh-eater Courts in Age of Sigmar, you won’t have to scramble for new models. Same as before, you can use the models for Age of Sigmar in Cursed City and the game expects you to do just that with its inclusion of the following models in the quest:

If you’re looking for ways to save money, best get the Start Collecting! Soulblight Gravelords box set as it already has a Wight King (latest version) and 20 Grave Guards.

Cursed City Nemesis Release Date & Price

Nemesis has no official release date as of yet. We can say that it will have a similar price with the first expansion, Night Wars. Night Wars sold for US$50 during its release.

Read the official Cursed City – Nemesis announcement on Warhammer Community.