WH40K Tacticus Requisition
WH40K Tacticus Requisition

In Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus, players can acquire Requisition to get more characters and necessary resources. Get to know how to get more Requisition, how to use it, and more using this guide.

WH40K Tacticus: Requisition – How To Get

  • Get Requisition as Mission Rewards
  • Increase your Power Score
  • Increase Mission Level
  • Clear Missions
  • Buy them from the Shop

Get Requisition As Campaign Mission Rewards

WH40k Tacticus Mission Rewards

Requisition can easily be acquired during the early phases of Tacticus as they are handed out as campaign mission rewards. As of the writing of this guide, latter missions do not offer Requisition but instead offer Shards and upgrades for your characters.


Increase Your Power Score

WH40K Tacticus Power Level-Up

Your Power Score is the collective power of all characters in your roster. The more powerful your units, the higher your power score. Every time you increase your Power Score to a certain level, you get a Requisition as a reward. Try to upgrade your characters when you can to increase your Power Score.

Increase Mission Level

Clearing missions help in granting you additional Requisition. The more missions you clear, the higher your Mission Level becomes. Conditions can be hard but try to clear these missions as aside from the Mission Level, each mission offers rewards that can help you in your future battles. Also worth noting is that not every Mission Level Crate rewards you with a Requisition.

Clear Missions

Timed Mission Reward

Aside from the crate that you receive from increasing your Mission Level, you also sometimes get missions that reward you with Requisition. Fulfilling the set conditions of that mission may be difficult at times but you do get Requisition for the trouble.

Buy Them From The Shop

WH40K Tacticus Requisition

The fastest way is to buy Requisition from the shop. Aside from the usual two options: one Requisition or ten Requisitions, you sometimes get an option to buy an odd number of them in the shop. Each Requisition costs 300 Blackstone.

Requisitions Blackstone Needed
1 300
10 3000

WH40K Tacticus: Requisition – How To Use

Use Requisition To Get New Characters

Maladus Unlock

Requisitions allow you to get new characters for your team. Aside from that, they also give you shards that can be used to upgrade unlocked characters.

Use 10 For A Guaranteed Character

Using Requisition 10 guarantees a character. However, if you get a duplicate, the reward is then converted to shards for that character. Shards are necessary to ascend a character.

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