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WH40K World Eaters Combat Patrol Details – Price & Release Date


After months of waiting, we finally have something to start that World Eaters dream army. Just recently unveiled is the official Combat Patrol box for the new World Eaters and as expected, it contains a lot of Chainswords. Get to know the release date of this new WH40K World Eaters Combat Patrol, price, and more using this guide.

Update February 5, 2023: No news as to when the box will get out to the market. GW has released the individual units first so if you’re planning on building a World Eaters army, you might have to shell out the full price if you can’t wait.

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WH40K World Eaters Combat Patrol Contents

Full Of Mad Infantry

WH40K World Eaters Combat Patrol Box

One thing you’ll notice immediately with the box cover is that it’s chock full of infantry save for the sole HQ included. There is a total of 31 miniatures included in the box and 30 of those are infantry.

WH40K World Eaters Combat Patrol Discounts

Okay, now we go to the math. With GW releasing each boxes individually, we can get a good grasp as to how much savings we can get for the Combat Patrol. Provided, of course, that the Combat Patrol box will have the same price as current ones.

Price Of Each Box

With the above amounts considered and with a typical Combat Patrol costing about US$150 / £90, we can calculate a total discount of 34.5% (for USD) or 36.8% (for GBP). This definitely means great value if you’re aiming to get a lot of World Eaters infantry for your money. You can also further reduce if you have nearby stores willing to give you

Probably Get A Box Or Two?

If you are planning on starting your World Eaters army with a lot of Berserkers, this is a good place to start. What you have is a much-needed HQ for the army and a bunch of Berserkers, a mainstay of any army willing to spill blood for Khorne. However, grabbing another one of this box may be better if you are aiming for that sweet 2,000 point mark.

Unfortunately, the box does not include elites that were teased from before like the Eightbound or even a squad of Khornate Terminators. For you to get a working army that’s competent in the field, you’ll definitely have to collect a lot of models outside of this box set.

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WH40K World Eaters Combat Patrol Price & Release Date

Priced Like Other Combat Patrols

The price for the new Warhammer 40,000 World Eaters Combat Patrol box is very likely to be the same as that of other similar boxes. If you’re looking to grab one or two once it releases, best prepare US$150 / £90 / PhP 8,250.

Between Q1 & Q2

The official WarCom article revealing the World Eaters Combat Patrol states that pre-orders are going to be up in a few weeks. With that said, we can say that this box is going on store shelves between Q1 and Q2, so likely February to April. While you can pre-order it once they start taking in orders, you can wait it out as the box itself is likely to remain on shelves for a long span of time given that it’s a Combat Patrol box and not a limited edition set. The release date is a bit vague but we’ll update this article once official information is out.

I just hope they release Angron soon. (Welp, he just got relased!)




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