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XBC3 Mio’s Hairstyle – Which One To Choose? | Xenoblade Chronicles 3


In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (XBC3), players are subjected to a difficult choice at one point in the game: short hair or long hair Mio? Get to know the effects of this choice, how to change Mio’s hairstyle, and more using this guide.

XBC3 Mio’s Hairstyle – How To Unlock

Reach Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is where this hard choice occurs. Beat the incredibly lengthy Chapter 5 and proceed to the next Chapter to get the opportunity to change Mio’s hairstyle.

Rest At The Station Breakroom

XBC3 Station Breakroom

During the early stages of Chapter 6, Mio instructs the party to go to different locations. After following her, you must rest at the Agnus Castle’s Station Breakroom to advance the story. Here is the part where you get to choose Mio’s hairstyle.

XBC3 Mio’s Hairstyle – Which One To Choose?

Choose What You Like

XBC3 Mio's Hairstyle Choice

The choice between long and short hair has no impact on gameplay and is purely cosmetic. With that said, choose what you like. In my case, long hair gives a fresh new look to Mio and also shows how she “ascended” due to the events that she experienced. Also, you can easily change Mio’s hairstyle whenever you like using the steps below.

Which Hairstyle Did You Choose?

When you were given the choice, which one did you choose? Did you get the long-haired Mio? Or the short-haired one?

Long or Short Hairstyle Mio?

View Results

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How To Change Mio’s Hairstyle

XBC3 Mio's Hairstyle How to change

  1. Pause the game
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Select “Options”
  4. Choose the “Game” menu
  5. Scroll to the bottom-most and toggle between Mio’s different hairstyles

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