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Check your area if you have Converge Fiber Internet with this search tool (Updated)


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While Globe before had a tool to check if your area is Fiber Ready, the app wasn’t that ready as their database wasn’t synced to the latest areas. But they recently activated it again.  Now, Converge the pure Fiber network is now letting customers check on-site if your area is available for their service.

Here’s how : 

Step 1: Visit and input your address

A notification in green will show up if your area is Fiber Ready, while a notification in red will say if the place is not yet ready for Fiber or you can manually inquire through their sales office.

Step 2:

Enter the type of location for the inquired address if for residential commercial use. Remember that business lines have different requirements, thus you need to be sure on this one.

Step 3: Choose the speed of your plan

Upon confirmation you can now choose the speed of the plan, though it indicated that it can be up to 500Mbps, it’s still subjective for Converge to double check your infrastructure.

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Step 4: Select if you are applying for Personal or for others like business or inquiring for a friend/family.

Step 5: Terms & Conditions + Data Privacy

Accept the terms and conditions including the data privacy policy as you will need to input more data about yourself in the next step

Step 6: Input your data for checking

After you input your data, you will need to upload documents like your personal ID for verification. Once verified, agents from Converge will contact you for the next steps of the possible installation if the place is still available for slots.

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That’s basically it, some of my neighbors are now connected to converge and it took them around a week for confirmation and installation. Hopefully, this will encourage you to switch to fiber internet and know why is it important and pair it with a good router. We also have reports that Converge covers most of Mandaluyong area, particularly around Amaia Skies Shaw.

If you are having problems in checking your area, this is a good read to know if you have Fiber facility nearby.

Update: Converge now informs users that previously inquired about new possible connections. If you’re looking to connect to Converge, now is the best time to ask as they reply immediately.

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