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Darktide Chasm Logistratum Grimoire & Scripture Locations


In Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, players can collect Grimoires and Scriptures in the Chasm Logistratum map. Get to know the locations of the Grimoires and Scriptures, where to find them, and more using this guide.

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This guide is a work in progress and will be updated once more info is confirmed!

Darktide Chasm Logistratum Grimoire Locations

1. Bunker By The Bridge

An early spawn spot for a Grimoire, this one can be found inside a bunker located beside the bridge.

2. Refector’s Quarter

This Grimoire is located inside a room in the Refector’s Quarter, the location just after crossing the bridge from the start of the mission. Hug the right wall until you come upon a bare room.

3. Control Room Before Going Under The Rails

Another possible Grimoire spawn point is inside a control room right before the stairs leading under the rails. This Grimoire is easy to spot due to its green glow and is just near the middle of the room.

4. Large Room After The Rails

After navigating under the rails, you end up in a large room with a wooden bridge. Enter the room and proceed to the left corner. Just beside the stairs is a possible Grimoire spawn point.

Darktide Chasm Logistratum Scripture Locations

1. Rat’s Nest Tunnel

In the Rat’s Nest, the long tunnel with shanties where you have to drop down to proceed, is a Scripture. You can locate it by hugging the right wall. The Scripture can be found lying on a rubble.

2. Coolant Control Room

Another Scripture can be found in the Coolant Control Room. Head to the left-side of the room’s second level. You can find the Scripture behind some large pipes.

What Are Grimoires & Scriptures In Darktide


Grimoires are cursed books that introduce corruption into your team. They deal damage when picked up and also further inflicts corruption over time. It does have a limit though. A team can pick up two during missions and the effects stack with each other. It may be wise to talk with your team about bringing in an additional Grimoire especially during missions on higher difficulty as it can easily bring down health and end your sortie. Carrying Grimoires up until the end of the mission rewards you and your team additional XP and money.

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Scriptures, unlike Grimoires, do not inflict any negative effects to your team. However, they do occupy an item slot meaning that you won’t be able to carry any Medical Crate or Ammo Crate while carrying one. Teams can get a maximum of three Scriptures and getting them out of a mission rewards you with more XP and money.

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