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Darktide Scripture Guide – How To Find & Effects


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In Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, players can pick up a Scripture for extra rewards. Carrying a Scripture can be worth it if you’re after better results in missions. Get to know the effects of Scriptures, tips on how to find them, how to use them, and more using this guide.

Darktide Scripture Guide – Tips

How To Find Scriptures In Darktide

Spawns At The Same Location

Darktide Scripture Location

Scriptures spawn at several fixed locations in missions. To get the hang of where a Scripture might spawn, you may need to completely explore the mission map to get a good understanding of these fixed locations.

Scripture Locations Per Map

Click on the map for details about its Scripture Locations.

  1. Relay Station TRS-150
  2. Power Matrix HL-17-36
  3. Smelter Complex HL-17-36
  4. Silo Cluster 18-66/a
  5. Consignment Yard HL-17-36
  6. Chasm Logistratum
  7. Chasm Station HL-16-11
  8. Migistrati Oubliette TM8-707
  9. Hab Dreyko
  10. Vigil Station Oblivium
  11. Refinery Delta-17
  12. Enclavum Baross
  13. Excise Vault Spireside-13

Listen To The Voices

You can detect when a Scripture is nearby once you start hearing ominous whispers. Almost similar to the ones emitted by a nearby Daemonhost, this whisper is less pronounced and you have to be a few feet away from the Scripture to start hearing it.

Darktide Scripture Effects

No Adverse Effects

Unlike Grimoires, Scriptures do not have any negative effects when you pick them up. You do not get corruption from them and they do not have any debilitating effects on the player and the team.

Extra Rewards

As a secondary objective, Scriptures reward you with additional experience points and gold for taking them home from a mission. In low difficulty missions, you can easily level up faster and gain more money (Ordo Dockets) as you can beef up the rewards for taking home Scriptures. You can also complete achievements and some penances with it.

The bonus rewards granted by taking home Scriptures vary per difficulty, with more difficult missions rewarding higher numbers for each one.

Darktide Scripture – How To Use

You Can Push With Them

If you fancy smacking some heretics with some holy book, you can do so while carrying a Scripture. The only action that you can do is to push them to as you would do if you press push in melee. It just gives you space between yourself and the enemies in front of you.

Occupies An Item Slot

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Scripture Slot

Picking up a Scripture occupies your sole item slot. This means that you cannot carry either a Medical Crate or an Ammo Crate if you have a Scripture. However, you can drop the Scripture by swapping it out for any Medical Crate or Ammo Crate. This is useful if you want to swap or if you want to give the Scripture to a more experienced player for safekeeping.

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