Darktide Max Level Guide
Darktide Max Level Guide
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In Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, players can reach a maximum level with their characters. Get to know the max level in Darktide, how to reach it, and more using this guide.

Darktide is currently in beta. This guide may change once the game officially releases on the 30th of November.

Darktide Max Level Guide

What Is The Max Level In Darktide?

The max level in Darktide is 30. Players can get experience to reach the maximum level by taking on missions of varying difficulty. The more difficult the mission, the more experience a player gets for completing it.


Ways To Get Experience In Darktide

  • Complete Missions
  • Get Secondary Objectives
  • Complete Missions with modifiers
  • Wear Curios with Experience bonuses

What Do You Unlock Once You Reach The Max Level?

Unlock The Last Feat

When playing a character, the last feat that you can unlock is at level 30. This feats are usually incredibly powerful and can be a boon during your skirmishes. Make good use of the last feats and make a build that would allow you to take on the more difficult missions in Darktide!

Get Achievements & A Cutscene

Aside from unlocking the ultimate feats, you also get to unlock achievements in game once you reach the max level. In Steam, reaching Level 30 unlocks the “Circle of Trust VI” Achievement. Consequently, this also allows you to see Darktide’s current ending cutscene which may change in the final release.

Grind For More Equipment

Upon reaching the maximum level in Darktide, you also get to unlock the endgame. Now, you can grind the missions for loot and for resources to buy newer weapons and equipment. As weapons and Curios spawn with random stats and perks, you may have to play a bit more in the end game to get better items for the most difficult missions.

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