Darktide What Happens When You Die?


In WH40K Darktide, players can sometimes get incapacitated due to enemy damage and numbers. Get to know what happens when you die, do you respawn, how to revive, and more using this guide.

Darktide What Happens When You Die?

You Respawn

If you die in game, don’t worry about it too much. After a few seconds, you’ll be up and ready to respawn. Whether you get pummeled to death or you get booted out of the map, you still respawn after sometime. However, there is a catch.

Another Player Must Rescue You

Darktide Rescue


After respawning, you will then be relocated to a random location near your team. Usually, there’s a bit of walking to get to your spawn point. Also, teammates must move and interact with you to get you off your restraints, allowing you control of your character again.

If an ally dies, make sure to wipe out remaining units first before you beeline to your newly spawned teammate.

Game Over Only When Everybody Dies

Darktide Gameover

For you to fail, all allies must fall down and be incapacitated. This includes allies that are restrained, getting mauled by a Pox Hound, and those that are yet unrescued. If no member of the team is active, the mission ends in failure. You still do get a couple of rewards though.

How To Revive Teammates

Approach And Hold E

Darktide What Happens When You Die

Allies that are incapacitated can be revived by approaching them and holding E. Note that you are not invulnerable during this time and you may get pummeled by enemies, adding to the body count. Be sure to clear the area first before you dive in and save a teammate!

May Be Best To Escape

Sometimes, leaving an ally behind can be advantageous to you and your team. If the location is too hot, you may just decide to leave that teammate and just have him or her respawn in a nearby area. Note that some items may be dropped once a player dies.

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