Darktide Zealot Build Cover
Darktide Zealot Build Cover

In Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, players can play as an Zealot, a melee specialist. Get to know the feats of the Zealot class, best feats to choose, and more using this guide.

Darktide Zealot Feats Guide

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Darktide Zealot Feats List

Zealot Feats

Level 5

  • Purify in Blood – Replenish 50% more Toughness on Melee Kill.
  • Faith Restored – +75% Toughness Damage Reduction on Critical Hit for 4s.
  • Enemies Within, Enemies Without – Replenish 5.0% Toughness per second while within 5 metres of 3 enemies.

Level 10

  • Bloodletting – +10% Melee Crit Chance for 3s on Melee Hit against Bleeding Enemies. Melee Critical Hits apply Bleed.
  • Punishment – Attacks that hit 3 or more enemies grant +30% Impact for 5s. Stacks 5 times. At max stacks, gain Uninterruptible.
  • Retribution – +10% Attack Speed below 50% Health. Bonus is doubled below 20% Health.

Level 15

  • Holy Fervour – +20% Power to allies in Coherency for 5s on gaining a stack of Martyrdom.
  • Benediction – +15% Toughness Damage Reduction (Allies in Coherency)
  • Inspiring Excoriation – Using Chastise the Wicked replenishes 20% Toughness to allies in Coherency.

Level 20

  • Holy Revenant – When Until Death ends, you gain Health based on the damage you dealt during Until Death. Melee damage dealt heals for twice the amount.
  • Thy Wrath be Swift – You no longer get Stunned by Enemy Melee Attacks. When you take damage, gain +20% Movement Speed for 2s.
  • Faith Restores All – After taking damage, you regain 25% of the damage taken over 5s.

Level 25

  • Emperor’s Executioner – Deal up to 25% increased ranged damage based on the proximity to the target.
  • Rising Conviction – +4% Damage for 5s on Hit. Max Stacks 5.
  • Honour the Martyr – Martyrdom has 6 Max Stacks.

Level 30

  • Invocation of Death – Melee Critical Hits reduce the cooldown of Chastise the Wicked by 1.5 seconds.
  • Fury of the Faithful – +20% Attack Speed for 5s on using Chastise the Wicked.
  • Purge the Wicked – Chastise the Wicked now has two charges.

Feats Are Passive Perks

Feats are passive perks that you get to unlock as you level up. Every five levels, you get to choose from three different feats. Equipping a feat grants you a passive bonus or conditional bonuses that can help you against the tide of chaos. The more feats you unlock, the more powerful your character gets.


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