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Darktide Diamantine Guide – How To Use & Find


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In Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, players get to pick up Diamantine during missions. Diamantine is a rare resource that is tied to upgrades in the game. Get to know how to use Diamantine, how to find it, and more using this guide.

Darktide Diamantine – How To Use

Unlock Shrine of the Omnissiah At Level 4

Darktide Shrine of the Omnissiah Consecrate

Once you reach Level 4 with a character, a new facility, Shrine of the Omnissiah, is unlocked. In this facility, you can upgrade any weapon or Curio that you have in your inventory, even those that you currently do not carry. Diamantine, alongside another resource, Plasteel, is used to upgrade your weapons and Curio.

Shrine Of The Omnissiah Location

Shrine of the Omnissiah

The Shrine of the Omnissiah is located at the right-most part of the hub.

Resource Requirement Increases Per Level

Darktide Diamantine Upgrade Requirement

There are currently five levels of rarity in Darktide. When upgrading weapons and Curio, each level increases its required Diamantine.  Currently in the beta, the only feature available in the Shrine of the Omnissiah is “Consecrate”. With Consecrate, you increase the rarity of a weapon or Curio, adding in random perks and Blessings. Diamantine is required if you want to upgrade a weapon from Level 2 (Black Market) to Level 3 (Frontier). Each subsequent level requires more Diamantine and newer upgrade features may also require more so be sure to gather as much as you can during missions!

Darktide Diamantine – Where To Find

Two Ways To Find Diamantine

  • Find them scattered around the map
  • Inside yellow crates

There are currently two ways to get Diamantine in Darktide. You can find them scattered around the map during missions and they are placed randomly like ammo and crates. You can also find them inside the yellow crates that populate maps. There are two sizes of Diamantine: small and large.

Diamantine is collected upon the end of the mission. All players get the same amount and the total Diamantine is not divided between each player.

Play On Higher Difficulty For More Diamantine

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Darktide Diamantine Rewards

Based on experience, larger quantities of Diamantine are more available on higher difficulties. Level 2 difficulty (Uprising) missions usually give 10 to 20 Diamantine per run while Level 3 difficulty (Malice) missions give 35 to 45 per run. If you plan on getting more Diamantine, play on Malice difficulty or higher. The same can be said with the other resource, Plasteel.

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