Darktide Psyker Feats – Build Guide & List

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In Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, players can play as an Psyker, a Warp-gifted fighter. Get to know the feats of the Psyker class, best feats to choose, and more using this guide.

Darktide Psyker Feats Guide

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Darktide Psyker Feats List

Psyker Feats

Level 5

  • Essence Harvest – Replenish 30% Toughness over 5s on gaining Warp Charge.
  • Warp Absorption – Replenish 10% Toughness when you kill an Enemy with a Warp attack.
  • Quietitude – Replenish 5% Toughness for each 10% of Peril Quelled.

Level 10

  • Psykinetic’s Wrath – Gain between 5% and 15% damage with Force Weapon attacks, based on your current Peril.
  • Inner Tranquility – +6% Peril Resistance per Warp Charge.
  • Wrack and Ruin – Killing an Elite or Specialist with Brain Burst applies 2 Stack(s) of Soulblaze to all enemies within 3 metres of the target.

Level 15

  • Psychic Communion – Whenever you or an ally in Coherency kills an enemy, you have 4% chance to gain a Warp Charge.
  • Psykinetic’s Aura – +15% Combat Ability Cooldown (Allies in Coherency) on Elite Kill.
  • Cerebral Lacerations – Damaging an Enemy with your Brain Burst ability causes them to take +15% Damage from all non-Warp sources for 5s.

Level 20

  • Kinetic Deflection – While below critical Peril, Blocking an attack causes you to gain Peril instead of losing Stamina.
  • Kinetic Shield – Take between 10% and 33% reduced Toughness damage from Ranged Attacks based on your current number of Warp Charges.
  • Mind in Motion – Your Movement Speed is not reduced while Quelling Peril.

Level 25

  • Warp Battery– Can store up to 6 Warp Charges.
  • Kinetic Overload – While you have maximum Warp Charges, gaining a Warp Charge instead applies 4 Stacks of Soulblaze to a nearby enemy, prioritizing Elite enemies.
  • Kinetic Flayer – All Attacks have 10% chance on Hit to Brain Burst the target. This cannot occur while at critical Peril, and has a cooldown of 15s.

Level 30

  • Quicken – Psykinetic’s Wrath expends all Warp Charges, reducing Cooldown by 12.5% for each Warp Charge removed.
  • Ascendant Blaze – Psykinetic’s Wrath expends all Warp Charges and applies Stacks of Soulblaze to Enemies Hit based on the number of Warp Charges expended. Enemies killed by your Soulblaze effects (from any source) have a 10% chance to grant you a Warp Charge.
  • Kinetic Barrage – For 10s after using Psykinetic Wrath, your Brain Burst charges 25% faster and consume 50% less Peril.

Feats Are Passive Perks

Feats are passive perks that you get to unlock as you level up. Every five levels, you get to choose from three different feats. Equipping a feat grants you a passive bonus or conditional bonuses that can help you against the tide of chaos. The more feats you unlock, the more powerful your character gets.

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